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What to Wear to Disney World in Florida

Pack for Comfort and Style


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Packing for a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida involves more than just throwing T-shirts and shorts in the bag.

For one thing, you'll be dealing with the weather, which in Orlando means heat, humidity and often, rain.

Here's how to beat the heat and still look good:

  • Wear natural fibers like cotton gauze or lightweight knits. Even denim can be comfortable if it's very lightweight.
  • Dress for speed -- athletic shoes, cushy socks -- and comfort. You'll be walking everywhere.
  • Pack styles that let the air circulate around your body to keep you cooler. Avoid tight styles that will chafe and keep you sweaty.
  • Disney days are long, often lasting well into the night. Think about what you're wearing and make sure you can last all day. A few items that may not be comfortable to wear 12 hours: a stiff strapless bra, strappy sandals, a heavy purse.
  • Choose shorts with pockets so you can stash stuff and go purseless.
  • Disney World has some really great restaurants and hot nightlife. While super casual looks are everywhere, you may want to bring a nice sundress or heels for night time.


  • Don't even think about carrying a fanny pack. Even in this most family-oriented of destinations it still looks dorky.
  • Don't dress your family in matching T-shirts. It's humiliating for older kids and makes you look ridiculous. If you insist on matchy-matchy, let the kids wear matching baseball caps so you can keep an eye on them in a crowd.
  • Don't worry about schlepping a rain coat or rain poncho. There are oodles of vendors that pop up when the rain comes down and you can snatch up rain ponchos with Mickey on them for less than $10 each. You'll get instant rain protection and a nice souvenir at the same time.
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