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10 Ways to Look Skinnier Instantly

Look like you've lost weight by just using fashion tricks.

More Ways to Flatter Your Figure
Women's Fashion Spotlight10

8 Ways to Look Better with Fashion

Why go to the trouble of surgery or extreme exercise to look better? Use these 8 fashion tips to look skinnier, look younger and much more.

Golden Rule of Fashion

Looking good in your clothing is all about following the golden rule of fashion which is all about "endings."

How to Wear a Slit Skirt

Ready to add some sexy to your skirts and dresses? Try a slit skirt.

How to Dress an Apple-Shaped Figure

Learn how to dress for your apple-shaped figure with ideas to create the illusion of a balanced figure.

5 (Free!) Ways to Create New Outfits

Try these easy ideas for mixing up your wardrobe to create new looks for free.

14 Ways to Wear Your LBD

The little black dress: I have to confess that I own quite a few.  But I never wear them exactly the same way every time. Here are 14 ways to wear your LBD.

5 (Free!) Ways to Create New Outfits

Re-invent your wardrobe by mixing and matching what you already own. You'll be surprised by all the new looks you can create using these simple ideas.

10 Ways to Look Girly

Get your feminine style revved up with these excellent ideas for looking girly.

Fresh Ways to Wear 3 Basics

Looking for ways to stretch your wardrobe? Try these new ideas for mixing up your leather jackets, black pantsuits and pearls.

How to Wear Brights

Warm weather is the perfect time of year to pull out the bright colors. Mix them, match them, contrast them: but most of all, have fun with color.

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