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Hitting the Sheets: Intimate Apparel for Tall Women


Most tall women don't have a hard time finding intimate apparel because intimate apparel is just about the only fashion must-have that's more focused on circumference measurements than length measurements. That said, it certainly doesn't hurt to keep abreast (pun intended) of the best lingerie companies available for specialty intimates or hard-to-fit sizes. Like all fashion, tall women's fashion starts from the inside, out - so the better you feel in your skivvies, the sexier you'll feel in your clothes.

1. Lula Lu

Lula Lu
Used with permission by Lula Lu

Small-breasted tall women can rejoice! Lula Lu is all about you, specializing in sizes ranging from AAA to A in a variety of sexy cuts. Whether you're looking for a basic T-shirt bra or a near-scandalous corset top, you'll be able to find exactly what you need without having to riffle through sections of intimate apparel made for women with much larger breasts.

2. Two Figs

For women on the other side of the breast-spectrum, Two Figs offers sleepwear for women with breasts ranging in size from D to G. Two Figs doesn't offer bras and panties - they specialize in intimate apparel for the bedroom. Choices range from gorgeous full-length gowns to beautiful cami-and-boyshort combos.  If you're a large-breasted woman looking for classy and flattering sleepwear, this is the boutique collection for you.

3. Fair Verona

Fair Verona
Used with permission by Fair Verona

For women interested in fanciful and romantic lingerie, Fair Verona offers options you can wear from day to night. The Jet Set collection uses French Solstiss lace (the same lace used on Kate Middleton's wedding gown) in pieces that offer a flirty functionality. In fact, designer Misha Meyers created this collection for women who travel and need lingerie that can double as day-wear when necessary. Choose from rompers, baby dolls, robes and camis that can all be worn as-is in the bedroom or layered under pants and blazers as appropriate office apparel.

4. Isis Intimates

Henna Bra
Used with permission by Isis

There's a difference between sports bras and performance intimates. Sports bras are a component of performance intimates, but they're not the only option. Performance intimates also incorporate bras and panties designed to keep busy, active women comfortable, chafe-free and dry all day long.

Isis hit the nail on the head when they developed their line of intimate apparel. These bra and panty sets come in a variety of cuts, colors and designs with a full range of optional support. Every tall woman should have at least one set of performance intimates in her drawer...but beware, once you buy one set, you may never switch back to traditional underwear. Yes, they're that comfortable.

5. Spairz

If you've ever had an unexpected sleepover, an exceptionally tough mid-day workout or you occasionally suffer from mild incontinence, chances are you would benefit from Spairz. Spairz is exactly that - a spare pair of underwear shrink-wrapped into a package about the size of a pack of gum. As long as you throw a pair of Spairz into your glove compartment or purse, you'll never find yourself in a situation where you're stuck wearing dirty or sweaty underwear.

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