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10 Best Jeans for Tall Women

The 10 best fitting pairs of jeans for tall women


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There’s nothing quite like putting on your favorite pair of jeans. They hug your butt just right, flatter your hips and make your legs look like a million bucks. Tall women sometimes have a hard time finding the perfect pair of jeans because so many styles don’t extend past a 34-inch inseam. While this length might suit women up to 5’9” or so, taller women need jeans with longer inseam options.

  1. Gap’s Long and Lean Jeans: Gap offers their Long and Lean jeans in a medium wash with a low rise and boot cut fit. Unlike many other stores, Gap provides the long and lean jeans in both tall and long options. The tall jeans come with a 37” inseam, perfect for women with very long legs or those who are 6’0” and taller. The long option has a 35” inseam for women between 5’8” and 6’0” or those with slightly shorter legs. These jeans are a perfect “wear anywhere” option that pair comfort with style.


  2. Gap’s Real Straight Jeans: Gap’s Real Straight Jeans offer a lean and straight cut from the hips all the way to the ankle. They come in 34 1/2” and 36 1/2” inseam options and pair nicely with heels for a night on the town.


  3. Banana Republic Trouser: Trouser jeans are perfect for casual Friday work wear, and the Banana Republic Trouser offers a 37” inseam that will make almost every tall woman feel classy. Keep in mind that they run a little tight through the thigh, so buy one size up if you like a little extra room in the leg.


  4. 7 For All Mankind Kimmie Jeans: 7 For All Mankind was one of the first jeans companies to make jeans with a longer inseam for all the tall women out there. Even though the 35” inseam on the Kimmie Jeans won’t work for the very tall ladies out there, it will work for women up to about 6'0", and the “curvy” design helps those with a little junk in the trunk feel comfortable and sexy all day long.


  5. New York and Company 5 Pocket Jegging: To be perfectly honest until recently I didn’t entirely understand the jeans/leggings phenomenon, but the New York and Company 5 Pocket Jegging has made me rethink my previous stance. Unlike other jeans leggings I’ve seen, these actually look more like jeans with a dark denim wash and cute detailing, but they fit like a legging. I’m in favor of anything that looks cute and fits comfortably, so these get my vote. Their tall fit comes with a 33” inseam, which doesn’t sound that long, but considering they’re designed to only reach the ankle, the length is perfect for most tall women.


  6. Alloy Paris Blues Jeans: Okay, I love Alloy’s Paris Blues Jeans. They have a number of washes, styles and cuts and they come with 35-37” inseams. They’re inexpensive and you can’t expect them to last forever, but if you want a couple pairs of on-trend jeans on the cheap, like their Back-Flap Stretch Skinny Jean or Embroidered Stretch Bootcut Jean, these will meet the mark. Keep in mind that Alloy's jeans are cut for juniors, so definitely size up to fit a more womanly body.


  7. Alloy Truck Jeans Stretch Flare Legging Jean: If you want to try a legging jean that looks nothing like other legging jeans, check out Alloy Truck Jeans Stretch Flair Legging Jean. Most legging jeans are skin tight and ankle-length, but these pull-on leggings are more like a pant than a legging or a jean. They come in either a 35” or 37” length and fit tight through the thigh then flare at the knee.


  8. Victoria’s Secret Low Five Bootcut Jeans: The stitching and styling on the Victoria’s Secret Low Five Bootcut Jeans slim the thighs and make your legs look downright sexy. Of all the jeans in my closet, these jeans with their 36” inseam are my go-to pair when I want to “look hot without trying.” 


  9. Old Navy The Dreamer Boot Cut Jeans: Old Navy has come around! Their “tall” jeans now offer a 36” inseam, previously unheard of from this inexpensive shop. You do have to buy online in order to get the long-jean perk, but the $35.50 price tag on The Dreamer Boot Cut jeans makes the minor shipping fee worth the wait. Plus, if you buy two pairs and push your order over $50.00, shipping is always free.


  10. Long Tall Sally Foxy Bronco Skinny: For the very tall ladies out there, Long Tall Sally’s Foxy Bronco Skinny jeans come with a 38” inseam! They also have detailed studding around the pockets that give them just enough extra flair to make you stand out from the crowd. For the rock-and-roll woman who is always too practical to buy herself clothes with a little extra somethin’ somethin’, these skinny jeans will make her smile.
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