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What to wear with pink


Margie Tsai pink

Pair mid-range pinks with white or cream. This look from designer Margie Tsai.

Cynthia Nellis

Pink looks great on almost everyone, but head-to-toe cotton candy hues can overwhelm even the girliest girl.


  • Do pair pink with a neutral shade that grounds it without overwhelming it: white, cream, chocolate, khaki and denim.
  • Do wear mid-range pinks like cotton candy with white.
  • Do mix soft blush pinks with cream or khaki.
  • Do go bold with combos like hot pink and grass green for preppy freshness.


  • Don't pair icy pastels together like pink and baby blue. Too cutesy.
  • Don't wear hot pink with black: it looks dated. Use white or even khaki as a fresher foil for your pink.
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