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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding


Family celebrating at wedding reception
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An outdoor summer wedding is romantic, but it can cause panic with wedding guests trying to decide what to wear. Here, a guide to summer wedding attire:


  • Take your cue from about the level of formality for a summer wedding from what the invitation says. Only an after six, "White Tie" or "Ultra Formal" would require a long gown (and those invites are very rare).
  • Choose pretty florals or yummy colors (pink, yellow, blue) for daytime or outdoor weddings.
  • Dress up more for weddings after 6 P.M., but still keep your look summery (sleeveless dresses, strappy sandals, glowing skin).
  • Do keep hairdos under control in hot weather with soft updos or pretty hair barrettes.


  • Don't wear white because it competes with the bride.
  • Don't wear hosiery, heavy makeup or chunky jewelry in hot, humid climates or you'll melt.
  • Don't dress too sexy -- belly showing or lots of cleavage -- because it's not an appropriate occasion to dress like a tart.
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