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Best Dressy Holiday Looks


You're invited! So now it's time to find a dressy holiday look: one that will work for most black tie, cocktail, business formal and formal holiday parties.

1. Black Lace

black lace dress
Black lace works perfectly for holiday fashion because it's chic and sexy at the same time. Use black lace to your advantage to show off peekaboo areas (a bit of cleavage, the arm) without going too bare.
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2. Metallics

Break out the bronze, champagne, gold and silver for the holidays. Metallics look amazing if you remember to go with a color that flatters your coloring (silver for cooler skin tones, bronze and gold for warmer skin tones, champagne works on most skin tones).
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3. Sequins

The key to wearing sequins and beading without looking matronly is to keep the silhouette fresh: opt for trapeze or tank dresses. Another way to wear sequins is to look for beading on the hems or just around the neckline.
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4. Velvet

Velvet is one of the most classic holiday fabrics and it's a great investment to wear year after year. Opt for deep, rich colors like plum or navy; or go timeless with black velvet.
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5. Little Black Dress

The little black dress really will take you to any dressy event. Look for winter-only fabrics like velvet or wool; seasonless picks in crepe or jersey are a smart buy if you want to get more use out it.
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6. Red

Red dresses are a holiday fashion favorite because red looks great on almost everyone. Don't be tempted to go head-to-toe red, though. Metallic or black shoes and accessories work well with a red dress.
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