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10 Fresh Ways to Wear Your Leather Jacket

From Ballgowns to Rocker Tees, Here are New Ways to Wear This Classic.


The leather jacket is a classic and we all know by now that it works well with other basics like black pants and jeans. But did you know that you can wear one with a little black dress or a string of pearls just as easily? Here are new ideas for how to wear your leather jackets.

1. Leather Jacket with Pearls

Why save your pearls for a little black dress? Wear pearls with a black leather jacket, classic white tee (or button-down) and jeans or black pants like Katie Holmes has done. It's a great mix of feminine and masculine that gives this such chic.

2. With a Rocker Tee

Rocker tee
Mark Metcalf/Getty Images
Get that rocker chick look by adding a concert tee shirt to a leather jacket. Ripped and/or faded jeans complete the look.

3. Add Stripes

Jasmin Wagner in leather jacket with stripes
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images
There's something bold and fresh about stripes that just melds perfectly with a leather jacket. Add a scarf like Jasmin Wagner has done for a French chic touch.

4. Wear a Long Skirt

Elisabeth von Gutmann
Francois Durand/Getty Images
Take leather formal. Try adding a leather jacket to evening separates like Elisabeth von Gutmann has done with her slit-to-there long skirt and white shirt. She keeps it funky with a choker and black leather ankle boots, but the overall effect is youthful and dressed up: updated but sophisticated.

5. Try a Different Color for Your Jacket

Michelle Trachtenberg
Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Black leather is a classic -- and goes with everything -- but don't rule out other dark neutrals like olive. Here, Michelle Trachtenberg wears olive in place of black with an otherwise all-black look. The result? A fresh spin.

6. Wear a Leather Jacket with Print Pants

Kristen Stewart in leather jacket
Francois Durand/Getty Images
Sure, you could go with solid-color pants or jeans for a traditional look, but print pants will wake up your look faster. Try a graphic print with a contrast jacket -- like Kristen Stewart has done with her black and white pants and yellow jacket -- or pick a dominant color from your print pants and use that in your jacket color.

7. Play with Proportions

Jessica Biel
Jamie Squire/Getty Images
By putting a cropped, fitted jacket over a long, slim tee and low-rise jeans Jessica Biel has created a fabulous casual look that shows off her figure better than bulkier pieces would. Make this work for you by adding a tunic or long tee under a waist-length leather jacket. Add leggings or skinny jeans to keep the slim vibe going.

8. Make it Ladylike

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld
Pascal le Segretain/Getty Images
Toss a leather jacket over your shoulders in place of a cardigan like Julia Restoin-Roitfeld has done? Why not? Same goes for wearing it with ladylike pieces such as pencil skirts, floral prints or ruffles. Just replace the "expected" piece with a leather jacket for a more youthful spin on girly looks.

9. Try it With a Little Black Dress

Jessica Wright
Stuart Wilson/Getty Images
How to make a little black dress look modern and fun? Add a leather jacket like Jessica Wright has done. The little black dress works with a contrasting color -- gray, white or brights -- or with a black jacket.

10. Add More Leather

Olivia Wilde
Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images
Leather and....more leather? Why not? Olivia Wilde rocks this edgy look by choosing two different leather colors and breaking it up with a white tee in between. Head-to-toe black leather may be too biker, so opt for either different colors or different textures (like stamped crocodile with smooth leather.) And if leather pants aren't your thing look for the new "coated" jeans that have the look of leather but are easier to wear.
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