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What to Wear to a Class Reunion

Clothing and Tips


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Worried what the old high school crowd will think?

You can alleviate class reunion anxiety by planning ahead: map out pre-event beauty treatments, shop early, get the hairdo down weeks ahead and go the less-is-more route with fashion.

Take a timeless approach and choose classic, flattering silhouettes in solid colors; let a low-key outfit put the focus on you, not your clothes.

Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a safe bet for an evening reunion. The exact length of the dress (right above to right below the knee) and details such as sleeveless or short sleeve will depend on how much skin you are comfortable showing. Add a bright wrap for chilly evenings, dress up with sexy sandals and a bold bracelet.

Evening Suit

If you're more comfortable wearing a suit than a dress, opt for an after-five style (black, champagne or ivory in crepe or silk). Skip the beads and sequins (too aging add shine and sophistication with a same-colored shell in satin or lace.

Dressy Pantsuit

Don't wear skirts? Try a tux-style pantsuit in black or white. Celebrities may get away with skipping the shirt underneath, but you'll want to add a simple camisole or shell.

Outdoor and Casual Events

Some reunions span an entire weekend. If your plans include picnics, pool parties or other family-oriented outside events, go with the same strategy as evening events. Opt for understated outfits: a pretty sundress, a dark maillot with a sarong, cropped pants and a cute Tshirt. Cover up with a maxi dress or caftan-style dress for a breezy look. Skip complicated looks, uncomfortable styles or fussy prints.


Now's the time to bring out the good jewelry. Use pearls for a classic look; brighten black with gold or silver. An evening shoulder bag is ideal (you'll be too busy hugging old friends to lug around a clutch). Add instant sex appeal with strappy sandals (go with bare legs, faux tanned if necessary).

Dos and Don'ts

  • Don't skimp on grooming - Glowing skin, healthy hair, manicured nails and toes are essential. Depending on how far you are willing to go (and how much you can spend) now is the time to try "extra" treatments like professional highlights and microdermabrasion. You might not want to dabble in injections or plastic surgery right before the event, though (try it much earlier to see what the results will be.)
  • Do shop early - Once you have a date and an idea of the dressiness of the event, you can start the search for an outfit. Locate the dress before you buy shoes or accessories.
  • Do update your look - A new outfit doesn't have to be young and trendy; it does need to show that you've progressed over the years and pay attention to changing styles. Make sure you hair and makeup have changed over the years, too.
  • Don't dress too young - With today's advances in skin and body treatments, it's not impossible to look really hot at your 50th high school reunion. But don't be tempted to show off your girlish figure with skintight dresses, miniskirts and multiple body piercings: you'll look ridiculous. Instead, show off a great figure with chic body-skimming sweaters, beautifully cut sheath dresses or skirts that show off your toned gams.
  • Don't worry too much - Everyone else is stressing too! Once you get there and start seeing old friends, catching up, sharing baby pics and swapping email addresses, you'll find that your preoccupation with looks will start to disappear.
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