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Dressing for Special Occasions

What to Wear to a Wedding, Black Tie Events and More


Dressing for Special Occasions
You've been invited to a special event and now you're wondering what to wear. Here's where to find out more about what to wear to a wedding, black tie, cocktail and other special event dressing.

Dress Codes
What to wear when the invitation reads "Black Tie," "Cocktail Attire" and more.

Wedding Guest
A guide for what to wear during the different times of the day, formality for him and her, with Dos and Don'ts.

Class Reunion
Find out the benefits of advance planning, choosing the perfect outfit and updating your look.

Dress glossary
Do you know your cheongsam from your sheath? Photos, descriptions and more.

6 Steps to Buying a New Dress
Find your dream dress the easy way, with our steps to finding the perfect dress for your special event.

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