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What's your favorite fashion item?

Sentimental jewelry, perfect handbags and overalls. Find out what other readers call their can't-do-without-it fashion item. Submit yours today!

  • Earrings! I feel absolutely naked without them.

  • Little black dress - great standby for dressy or smart casual - office to evening etc.

  • Fashion item I couldn't do without: my Hollywood Collection Irene Dunne ("I remember Mama") ring. It's 'sapphire' and 'diamonds,' absolutely beautiful, and goes with everything I own, from dressy to casual. Gets lots of attention for all the right reasons!

  • My favorite item of the moment is my full length black cashmere. It keeps me very warm and cozy when I go out at night.

  • I couldn't live without my leopard print bag. It's an evening bag and soft - not a leather structured bag that's been covered - and has feathers (like a boa) around the top. Makes me feel very glam :-)

  • A pair of pearl earring on French wire. It goes well with anything.

  • My favorite fashion item is my blue denim overalls!! As a student, my overalls are the perfect attire for classes to study groups to just relaxing.

  • The one fashion accessory that I can't do without is a fantastic purse. You can have on your black coat, boots and pants and you feel ready for urban prowling but the thing that brings it all together for me is a purse that is a real standout. A girl needs a purse that isn't just another black leather tote. Right now, it's a gray wool tote that has room for wallet, cell phone and other necessities-lipstick, compact.  The fabric is a soft yet substantial wool and is adorned with mirrors and intricate embroidery in black. It gives you that hand-made feel  yet is tough for daytime use. I feel that a purse like this sets you apart from all the others made in a factory.

  • My most useful piece ever is a red blood tube top, which was once a one shoulder top. When I got tired of using it the way it was fashioned, It got passé, I got rid of the strap and transformed it into a tube top. As for today, it´s been....
    1. A great daily use top with cardigans and knee length skirts
    2. A sexy top with leather-like pants for discotheque
    3. A great top for a taffeta skirt on wedding parties
    4. A nice cover when I wash the original zebra cover
    of my favorite pillow.
    5. A funny skirt for my boyfriend past Halloween
    6. I used it a couple of times as a waist band, very kimono like, over a Chinese silk blouse, and it was a hit.

  • My one favorite item is my gray zippered sweatshirt jacket (like from the Gap)...it's a shirt, a sweater, a jacket, a robe, a blanket...more comfort than "style" but it sure comes in handy.

  • My favorite fashion items, that I can't live without, are my black Swarvoski  crystal bracelets. I live in a very un-ritzy college town and I wear them when I go out to dinner or dancing at a club to add a little glamour to the evening. The way they sparkle makes me feel like a million bucks!

  • My favorite fashion item is my large Liz Claiborne Leather Tote bag.

  • My favorite piece of wearing apparel is my 3/4 length nutria coat that I bought at the Red, White, and Blue Thrift Store for $9.95. It is like new, with  3/4 length rolled up sleeves with a cuff. It can be funky or sophisticated, worn w/either jeans or business wear and it has a mysterious history.

  • My favorite fashion item is a pair of slip on shoes. I can just slip them on to go to the corner store, or put out the garbage, or mail a letter without fussing with doing anything up.

  • My favourite fashion item are my sandals - but it's winter, so I can't wear them!

  • If I have on a good, comfortable, sexy bra, I feel that I look my best -- whatever the outfit or occasion.

  • The one thing I couldn't do without is my heavy navy blue wool cape my Mom made me many years ago. It's voluminous and lined and is great for going out in the winter, doubles as a "blanket" when we're cold, plus it looks really cool!

  • My favorite fashion item is a fabulous leather hold-all that goes shopping with me, on cruises and to the ballet! Great to have something useful that is also versatile!

  • The one fashion item I can not do without: My diamond stud earrings--they look great with everything and they remind me how much my husband loves me.

  • I absolutely CAN NOT do without my fashion boots. I wear them when it's cold. I wear them when it's warm. I wear them with jeans and with every  other kind of pants I own. Heck! I almost wear them to BED!! They're   great.

  • I love wearing vests.. anything from casual with jeans, to downfill with ski pants. I also have dressy vests in silk fabrics to wear with skirts and over dresses.. I can't do without my vests!

  • My favorite fashion item is a burgundy/navy tweedy sweater/coat that is about twenty or more years old and back in style. It goes with so much of my wardrobe. It is warm, comfortable, and can be used as a cover or pillow in the car.

  • My colored contacts. I have several pairs in many colors: aqua, violet, evergreen, blue, etc. What I'm wearing and the makeup I've applied, all changes the color of my eyes. It's great!

  • My favorite item are my pair of black leather high heeled "Aerosole" brand sandals.

  • I have a black-leather,croc-design head band. I love this piece because it looks chic and it matches any outfit. It has saved me from many hair-do's  gone wrong.

  • My favorite item is the black "Gortex" jacket which has traveled around the world with me; useful during a variety of elements.

  • I absolutely cannot be a productive, useful human being without my very unassuming, now-somewhat-bent-and-tarnished sterling silver ring. just a simple band, no more than a half-inch across, a 3-dollar perfect-fit find at a hectic, sizzling open-air market in Mexico. I have missed meetings, time-outs at parking meters, hot dates, doctors' appointments, my FLIGHTS . . . because I couldn't find the Omnipotent Ring (I gotta stop taking it off to wash the dishes; a little Palmolive shouldn't hurt). Obsessive, maybe? Unnatural? Spooky? I don't know...but these days it's all I wear, save for a watch, a necklace and a couple of blips of perfume. I'd sooner leave my flat without my cellphone - poor dear - or lip balm, than face that unforgiving world w/o my little lackluster finger-loop of safety.

  • My one Very Favorite item that I can't do without is: a pair of antique hairpins... I have long hair and use them to 'style' it 'up'!

  • Well I think I'd have to say my silk/cashmere cardigan is the one thing I couldn't live with. It's perfect for anytime of the year! :) and the light blue compliments my eyes so nicely hehe...

  • My black-and-white scarf: it's a neck scarf, a head wrap, and always practical.

  • My one favourite fashion item is my backpack purse- I have three kids (one a baby!) & I seem to bring everything with me! I can fit it all in this, & not have to tote around a big, bulky diaper bag.

  • My favorite fashion item is a black bag from Kenneth Cole. The material is  lighter than leather (good for my back), it has compartments for everything (easy access on the go, and the size is just right not too small and big   enough for my folding cane I am legally blind and had to search for a big-enough and fashionable bag for months. The best part is that this is my all-the-time bag. It looks great for the office and can do casual time.  Finding the right bag is like winning the lottery.

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