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Cynthia Nellis

Cynthia Nellis

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Cynthia Nellis loves all things fashion, from haute couture to vintage fashion. She's spent the past 11 years on About Women's Fashion using her fashion knowledge to help women -- with real bodies and budgets -- find style.


Although she's a fashion journalist who has also written for StyleGoesStrong.com and Dallas Morning News, Cynthia has worked in different aspects of the fashion industry, including spending 7 years as a buyer. Cynthia is frequently sought out as a fashion expert and is quoted in publications including People and Family Circle.

By Cynthia Nellis:

About Women's Fashion will help you look your best, even if you're low on time, money and self-confidence. From style basics to kick start your wardrobe, to designer runway coverage, About Women's Fashion strives to be an active community to answer your fashion questions and show you how to make fashion work for you (and not the other way around).

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