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Readers Respond: What Should a Grown Woman Never Wear?

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Pigtails and overalls are for little kids. But what else do you hate seeing on a grown woman? Share Age-Appropriate Tip

Nobody has the right to tell you...

what you shouldn't wear! It's your body and your mind! Life is too short to let people tell you what to put on your own body. If you want to wear something that you like then wear it proudly! Clothes are a great way to express yourself!
—Guest Jonni


I just turned 37 and embracing the blouse . Got to face facts. After a few kids very few retain that tight tummy no matter how many sit ups we do. A blouse , blouses away from the tummy creating a nicer look. Nothing clingy.
—Guest Carol

Age Appropriate

Although I belive that older women should and have the right to wear what they feel good in, I also don't believe they could feel good if other people think they look ridiculous. Keep it real ladies.[
—Guest Debbie

Susieq and others

When I was in my twenties, thirties, forties,I was busy running a company,raising a family, I agree with others, if you have time to judge a ground breaking generation on looks you do need to get busy and get a life before you find yourself hitting the upside of forty,it goes by quickly I would spend more of my time out and about living life then passing judgment on those who made it possible for you to have a life were women have a shot at whatever they want.fifty two, five ten, silver white hair, we will do as we please regarding our looks and fashion. we've earned it :)
—Guest 52silverandgrey


Anything sparkly or flashy... Very short or for teenagers. If you must... Only use accessories that sparkle. Trying to look 20 or 30 years younger just makes you look older'
—Guest My opinion....


Anything,just that what i find annoying is that some mothers would dress their girls in clothes they hate
—Guest MsMismagus

Wear what you want

Im 40 and love wearing pastels, skinny jeans, jordans ans graphic tees. I also wear classic pieces. I dare anyone to have me view myself through their eyes. In America youth is valued while aging women depreciated. I will not be a cookie cutter mold of an "older woman"
—Guest Denesha cotton

my choice of clothes at 50

I am 50 and proud of it. My ex left me for a younger woman and the really crushed what I had left of my selfesteam that he hadn't crushed over our 20 year marriage. Being alone for the first time in 30 years has me really focusing on my body and taking really good care of it. Everyone I tell that I am 50, including doctors, are shocked. Talk about a ego boost. I have red hair that really gives me a lot of choices and I keep it simple and i am realistic on what I buy and how I look in it. Being a country girl, it makes it easy: nice fitting jeans. Not the ones that leave a spare tire on my waist or i can't breath or sit down in. I have a woman's figure and I want to show it off. I have hips, well rounded and firm behind. Why squish it is jean made for Brook Shields. Dresses are colorful and flirty but not like i walk the streets at night for more than going to my car. Another thing is to be happy to be you. The say blonds have more fun, I say red heads are the fun!
—Guest Katarinsa

be helpful not judgemental!

I like helpfulness rather than judgemental critical posts so try to be helpful - thank you x

42 in sexy

yesss that right I said it 42 and sexy still dress sexy and thank god for stretchy material short tops make up and mini skirts shoot having children and raising them honey it time for me I will be 43 in august I still look good and feel good I say if you have it at any age do u but classy......
—Guest shandell

Ask a middle schooler

We were discussing charts and being able to observe information at a glance. As a example I asked my students to look at me an tell me what they see at a glance. I expected, likes heels, wears a lot of black, is my grandmother's age, etc. what I got was swag, style, pretty, beautiful hair, expensive jewelry, great shoes and so forth. My conclusion: If you want to know if it is appropriate, ask a middle school student. They are embarrassed by everything and hold nothing back.
—Guest Teacher Karen

Grown women should NOT wear

anything that makes them look like a little girl. Lose the lace, the gingham checks, the mini-skirts! They should also not wear overly sexy outfits: micro-minis, low-cut tops, very high heels. We should wear clothes that fit properly, not too big and not too tight. We should always wear a bra (even if you are small busted and think you don't sag) and NEVER go without stockings! We need to look pulled together, not like we're desperately hanging onto our youth or we're letting ourselves go.
—Guest Sabrina

Mix it up a bit

As far as wearing long greyish or grey hair,,I am 52 and still a stylist and I say wear it, long wear it short, My hair is almost white I just add some golden hi lights every 5 months, it's almost 26 inches from my center part, I constantly get compliments on my hair,also I am 6,1 I keep in shape by riding horses I live on my ranch,So skinny jeans with bling,boots , love pink, crazy hats, Big hand bags, clunkey jewelry, Bright lip gloss, light base make up, to heavey shows lines, I am tan and like it, I do the spray tan, Mix something young and modern with something classic and chic,I don't go for fashion, I deffinatly have my own styal..I notice many gals trying out my looks that is the biggest compliment . In many ways I have never felt better about my age, I am over it, Just having fun,,My husband also says he likes how I put it all together yet mix it up..
—Guest Luv2rocku

Rules made by whom?

I think that the responses here show an incredible disregards to the fact that people should wear what they feel comfortable wearing. Some older women look incredibly fit ,fitter than a lot of younger women. Even though i never considered wearing mini skirt, tight tight jeans in my young years for the simple fact that that kind of clothing did not appeal to my taste of clothing, but i always liked the kind of rebelious wear that is emulated by some younger [people in the Usa and more so by all kinds of people's in different ages in europe. I have a rebelious soul, and i like to express it the way i like. I will not stop wearing the high end tie dye clothing, combat boots , and look for clothing that are designed to make women to look flumpy boring without personality. Have you guys noticed how boring is a middle aged women wearing Talbots ? Hate that..fashion is supposed to make middle aged women to disappear. how about fat old middle age guys wearing tight jeans?
—Guest Marilia


Women need to feel the day and dress how they feel.....all about attitude!!!
—Guest Sheri

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What Should a Grown Woman Never Wear?

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