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Readers Respond: What Should a Grown Woman Never Wear?

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Heels with Jeans

I disagree with the not wearing heels with jeans, it is personally my style and I think heels go great with jeans
—Guest keller90m

plastic clogs

I hate, hate those plastic clogs--they are bad for ones feet and UGLY!!
—Guest janet skeen


Lycra -- there are probably two women in the world that lycra looks good on -- and we aren't them
—Guest Nicole


No one who is a grown woman should be wearing pajama bottoms out in public...for any reason.

Unflattering to almost any figure...

Horizontal stripes (unless you're too skinny) polka dots chunky shoes with a dressy outfit pants that fall at lower shin pants so long they get stepped on
—Guest Shandi

women should never wear........

Characters! On a kid it is cute to see Winnie the Pooh or Minnie Mouse, but on grown women, lose it!
—Guest mama of 3


I hate seeing plaid on any woman over 21. It is never in taste, and it hardly ever does anything for the body.
—Guest Ally


I can't believe no one listed this one yet. No grown woman should ever wear Crocs. So unattractive.
—Guest ponimargie

dont try and be someone you are not

women over 40 should not be wearing what the under 40's are wearing. we should be proud of our age and find our own style. low cut necklines, ugg boots, track bottoms, very tight clothes, black pantyhose with light colours, very light blonde hair, very long nails are all things which make us look cheap. aim for dignity. ask yourself would i like to see my mum in these clothes. then make your choice.


Any one not thin enogh or over 30 should never show their belly buttons.I don't get whats suppose to be sexy about that,to me it says DESPERATE
—Guest tealady3


LEGGINGS!!!!!!!!after a certain age (8) and size (8) they are just not appropriate - just my opinion.
—Guest karen

Over 40

I agree with above...it mostly depends on the physic. Short skirts and short, showing too much leg with the skin on the leg looks "saggy". Dramatic hair colors like red or green look silly on an older person, it's screaming, "I don't want to get old but I am ".


I have a bow phobia and believe, strongly, that no one over age 12 should wear them.
—Guest Cindamen

Get a life creepers

Anyone over the age of thirty should never get anything from abrocronbie and fitch!!! It's an unspoken rule too many idiots don't understand.
—Guest I knowit

Boob divider

I know that it's a trend coming up but across-the body bags and purses are a no-no for grown women! No matter how small the boobs it's never flattering.
—Guest Jodi

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