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Readers Respond: What Should a Grown Woman Never Wear?

Responses: 172


Short skirts and sleeves

I think older women wearing skirts above the knee and sleveless or sleeves above the elbow are not flattering, especially women on stage or TV
—Guest Louise

age or body shape!

Age doesn't determine what you wear. I'm wearing clothes again that I wore 30 to 35 years ago (yes I kept some that long) and I'm getting good comments. Dressing for your body type is a better method than age related comments.
—Guest inthedark

Wear what u want girl!!

seriously, if a woman has the body and the confidence to wear a classy piece/s of clothing, without showing an obscene amount of skin, it's her right. Live and let live.

Desperate Housewives

pastel velour sweatsuits worn instead of clothing to shop, pick up kids, have coffee... it's not hip or sexy and it makes you look even older because it's so obviously inappropriate. The only thing worse? sweat pants with words across the butt! Hot, Sexy, or Juicy? More like Sad, Silly and Sleazy!
—Guest Fifi

Not just a grown woman, but any woman...

About hair: Dowhatchalike. Just be tasteful - who REALLY has blue or green hair? On clothes: Nobody wants to see granny's panties. Over fifty, let that hemline down! (Hmm . . . on second thought, nobody wants to see any panties except their own, so under fifty, watch that hemilne, too.) And beware too much cleavage (even if you aren't a 46 F like me - seriously); don't show your goodies to the neighbor's husband (unless you want a fight.) Otherwise, there's just one rule that I follow: just because they make it in your size, you don't have to wear it. Happy wardrobe!
—Guest Mississsippi Chick

Oh no!

I break three of those rules consistently (overalls, knee socks and pigtails) and I'm 35. I'm not going to show this to my husband because he would burn my overalls if I let him. Too funny.

Pig Tails, short shorts , micro minis

I would have to say women should never wear pig tails, micro mini skirts, or super short shorts!! Just looks bad. Went to a meeting the other day where a woman in her late 30's had on pig tails....so sad. I have often seen same woman in short shorts. I guess she doesn't have any true friends. I would hope that if I looked sad in something my true friends would tell me.
—Guest Hope5770

wrinkly cleavage

I was at an almost all-male work meeting years ago. There was an otherwise attractive woman there who had once had a great set of boobs. Unfortunately, she was unaware that the skin over her boobs had grown fine and wrinkly with age. At one point, she was making a strong statement, leaning her crossed arms on the meeting table, resting her boobs on her arms, in a low-cut, cleavage-baring, black fitted body shirt. The smooth black shirt served only to highlight the mass of wrinkles at her cleavage. I felt so sorry for her.
—Guest MontyHall

about coveralls

i am 56, i wear coveralls on some weekends, they are coomfortable and i know i don't look ridiculous, they are great with a t shirt.
—Guest lin

chitter chatter...

No plastic surgery. Wear the right size, live your age; celebrate feminine beauty; don't try to look sexy... Don't dress for your girlfriends and, please, use make-up sparingly and only for special occasions...
—Guest justine

Grown Women Should....

Grown Women should never wear those horrible "maternity" shirts that made their appearance a few years ago and have unfortunately never left. And if any of you actually FIND shirts that do not have that expectant mother look - call me OK? I was so happy to see all the comments! I sometimes feel so alone in the fashion department. Where are the cottons and linens? Why is everything made from thin stretchy fabrics that are petroleum based?
—Guest VeggieGal

I completely disagree

I am a member of my local Roller Derby league, and the fashion of our women ranges from conservative to outlandish. All our girls are hot! These rules are just another attempt from the prudish and bitter telling others how they should behave. Shame on you.
—Guest Ms. Magnolia

It never works

"They are wearing way too much makeup, tops too low or tight, wanting to dress like and act like an 18 year old. If they only knew they are losing their childhood years, the best of them. There are some very trendy clothes for young girls and accessories to go with them that they should perhaps consider." First you bag women for 'trying to look younger' then you bag the teenagers for trying to look older? Which is it? Are sexy clothes for younger women, or for older women. I say if you are over the legal age, and you feel good in it wear it. If people are giving you funny looks, consult a fashion advisor to make sure your clothes aren't clashing. Don't worry about being perpendicular to tradition.
—Guest Confused

over rated

Women of all ages should be able to wear what they feel good in. Yes, it should fit and cover you, but why can't women over age 40 or 50 wear minis if they look good in them? The new 30 is 40. I know lots of women in thier 40's and 50's who can get away with fashions my mother would never wear at the same age. Don't let the "fashion police" stop you if you look good, feel good and it's a good fit. Go for it girl and women!!
—Guest Yvonne


Women of all ages should dress appropriately for their body type and age. Wear the right size, don't show cleavage (unless at a club),or don't dress so that your youth wanting its clothes back.
—Guest Terri

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What Should a Grown Woman Never Wear?

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