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Readers Respond: What Should a Grown Woman Never Wear?

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The grandmothers of yesteryear and rare and hard to find just as appropriate clothes in the stores. It seems the buyers are too young and don't know how to choose age appropriate clothes, so 'older' women have little choice but to wear what is availble mini dress, halter tops, clogs. However if you have the body for it - wear it!! There are many young 14 year olds that are obese and wear mini skirts, low cut tank tops - bleached red orange and purple hair - take a look at the parents and you will know where they get their ideas. The mother has no pride -the kdis think it's approrpriate!!! Stores we are an aging population...give us some age appropriate clothes...nobody wants to see wrinkled skin and bony legs!! or obese women in shorts that are too short!
—Guest guest grandma


No black stockings with white heels, or vice versa! Panty line under tight pants or skirt. Wrinkled saggy cleavage in low-cut top. Micro skirts if you don't have the legs. Baggy sweat pants or shirt - unless you're at home with the baby.
—Guest URBewdiful

I'm 47 years old

and if Willie Nelson isn't "too old" to wear his hair in two braids, so I'm darn sure not.
—Guest Raya

short dresses

I think grown women should never wear dresses above the knees, if they do, then they should wear a skinny trouser underneath it.
—Guest I am Hanna of 43 years


I am 55 and work in a retail shop . Accessories complete a look and make it possible to wear all kinds of different things together. Shoes, belts, hair ornaments, pins/brooches, earrings, necklaces and watches all contribute. My standard work attire has always started with a nice pair of simple blue jeans, preferably Levis, a simple knit top ...tank or 3/4 or long sleeves, and often a vest. (Vests, by the way, are great for the hot-and-cold moments that happen at this age. Comfortable, not restrictive, easy to take off for a moment, and also a potential accessory, or at least a point of interest.) Anyway, I have found that there are days when my age sort of strikes me over the head and I 'tone down' my accessories because I feel like I should be age-appropriate. I may minimize or neglect entirely the pin(s) and eye-catching jewelry....too flashy. My pins are often sparkly and large. Guess what happens on those days...I am in a slump all day because I look boring dumpy!

It's not "all about me"

To those who say, "to hell with what anybody else thinks, it's all about how I feel," take note. However good one may feel in her own head, the rest of the world is receiving a message by what you wear. And while the sands of fashion, modesty, and "appropriateness" (whatever that is) may shift, there IS a cultural consensus that enables those who can see it to USE fashion to give a message to the world. I'm not making this up; sociologists actually STUDY this. There is a wide spectrum of individuality in good fashion that doesn't scream, "I'm lazy, stupid, desperate for attention and forgot to take my Zoloft." The fact that people don't see themselves objectively in the cultural context says more about them than their wardrobe and makeup do.
—Guest Karen

life is too short

I just think that life is too short to start worrying about what other people think. To each their own as they say. The old adage that many of us were taught by our parents was that it is not what's on the outside that matters but what is on the inside. It's my opinion that we are all individuals that god created to not be exactly the same. When you arrive at your final days of life, will it be your clothing that matters and will be remembered, or what type of person you were.
—Guest fibiray

Just lost 60 lbs

I'm 56 and have lost 60 lbs last year. was so tired of trying to cover up everything because of my fat! Now, I'm a size 8 and am considered attractive for my age. I keep my blonde hair long and straight, had my teeth fixed and feel & look better than I have in 15 years. I like to wear tighter clothes, show a little clevage now and then but keep it in good taste. I do see men actually taking a second look which hasn't happend in those 15 years. I LIKE IT. Now I love clothes, love stylish fashion that's in good taste and enjoy life. I say wear what you want because life is too short. Enjoy yourself girls.
—Guest suzie @ 56ys old

i love being a sexy grandma!

For me it is not a question of people taking a hike and leave me alone to wear what I want. People will have their opinions aoiind morals. I am a woman to years old, a wife, mother and grandmother. I still have a good body and told I have "great legs". I have always been tasteful sexy, wearing rather short, tight skirts and the like. I always enjoyed the glances. Now that my kids are all grown, I have devoted time for me. I love to exercise and be active. And I love to show my results. Although I no longer have the legs of a 25 y.o. I still get compliments and looks as I wear my mini skirts at upper mid thigh. and with this I love to wear tops that show my cleavage. I do get comments both positive and negative, but I take them in stride. My husband loves seeing me like this! Also I love to war bikinis. This august Iwe went on vacation with our children and their families. I was debating on what kind of a bathing suit to wear and then in trying on swimsuits I decided to purchase a few bikinis from a tiny string one to a mote conventional one. The string was to be for my husband's eyes only, nut he encouraged me to war it publicly. I did and what reactions! My daughter was a bit taken back since it was a tiny string bikini and frankly it did expose my body, my breasts and my backside. But I was comfortable. My husband was clearly turned on watching me and seeing other bathers, especially young guys, getting turned on. Some may say I am foolish, but I still look good and her good about myself. This is why women should be brave and not be afraid. It is not about others but about me!
—Guest elaine

Oh Please!

This is the first time I have ever read anything like this, and the last. I won't waste my time with such nonsense again. Don't you people have anything better to do with your lives than to judge other people? Look down your own nose! Granted, there are a few, very few, legitimate posts, but for most of you - Get a Life!

Wear whatever

What older ladies wear is their business, if they're happy and feel good that's good for me. I'm 57 and love my jeans to bits, 6 inch killer heels complete the look
—Guest Polly

Women's Mistakes in Fashion Makeup

Clothers: Avoid the "muffin top" around the waist. If your shirt is out, cover a higher-rise denim jean & look slimmer with a belt holding it in. Avoid the opposite: Baggy, shapeless clothes. Even women carrying a few extra pounds have curves & should show the right ones off. Look to Oprah's wardrobe for inspiration. Even more mistakes occur in makeup than fashion, I feel. Avoid the "raccoon look" of heavy black eye liner if you are fair to medium complected. Those dark, smokey eye looks on women with dark eyes paired to narrow-set or small eyes look harsh & beady eyed. Fair skinned women with deep-set eyes should go lighter & softer on eye makeup. Next no-no: Removing one's eyebrows & penciling them in. Don't take too much brow off & don't go heavy on a brow pencil. Lips: Do NOT wear dark lip liner! Use a neutral, nude or a shade lighter to avoid harsh outlines. To fair-skin women with yellowing teeth: Avoid pale colors & sheer gloss. Aim for better color contrast with lipstick

Age Appropriate

I am 52 yrs. old and I believe there are way to many people sticking their noses (or mouths) into other people's business. Wear what you like to wear and if other people don't like it then they should either turn their nosy little heads in the other direction or keep their unwanted opinions to themselves. Wear whatever makes YOU feel good and if all the nosy, gossipy people don't like it, well... then maybe you are doing them a favor by giving them something to do in their obviously boring life. Feel good about yourself, be HAPPY and don't give a thought about what the NO-LIFE'S think. Life is to short...try to LOVE every minute of it!
—Guest Tina

compliments not always compliments..

Have you ever complimented someone when you didn't know what else to say? Don't rely on compliments to tell you your look is good. People will and do lie to you. Has anyone ever said "you really don't need to be wearing that" or "please do something about that awful gray stringy hair." Of course not! Get a clue and listen to what you are reading here about what not to do. You'll look better! When you are older it takes more work to look good, but it can be done. Just wear age-appropriate (and I don't mean dowdy!) and properly fitting clothes. And for heaven's sake get your hair professionally done after age 40. Your home dye job looks it, and if you have gray it DOES make you look old!
—Guest suzyq


Most women should not wear anything strapless if they spill over or have flabby upper arms. Very few women can wear strapless well. It may be in style, but it's not appropriate or attractive for most women over 50.

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What Should a Grown Woman Never Wear?

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