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Readers Respond: What Should a Grown Woman Never Wear?

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Younger girls are watching!

Go ahead, wear what you want! But I am tired of seeing young girls looking like slobs and sluts. Find out what looks best on you! Dress to honor other women as well as yourself. Give young girls an example. When you are in a relationship it is even more important to watch cleavage and curves. Honor your mate! When you wear too tight anything, it appears that you are trying to fit into something too small. Same as when you wear oversized clothing. Looks as though you are swimming in it. Go for fit with ease. I see it all at the alteration shop! What I cannot stand is when a young girl comes in with her mother with a prom dress. The dress shows everything, cleavage and skin. And the mother just stands there okaying it . I just want to throw up! Come on, let's give the young girls a model for getting older by dressing better ourselves!


If you want to look crazzzzy...wear clothing at the age of 70 that's stylish for a 25 year old young lady!
—Guest jacki

Ila Jarol

—Guest Ila Jarol

Wear What You Want

I am 56 and my best pair of jeans came from Abercrombie and Fitch. I weigh 150 and am 5'2". I get a lot of complements on them. And if heels are not made to wear with jeans, why are there so many of them shown with jeans in the Vic. Secret Catalog (one of my favorite shopping sites) and I do wear PINK with words on the Butt. I have not had any problems just compliments. I think everyone should mind there own business and get a life and not worry about what everyone else is wearing. Grow up.


I'm 62 and LOVE looking and acting like the great grandma I am.
—Guest myrn

Follow Your Intuition

The best advice for grown women is: Follow your own intuition! Don't let other peoples' hangups and preconceived notions dictate how you clothe yourself in the morning. Grown up women have grown up brains and should use them to decide what they feel comfortable in and what is appropriate for their age, station in life, lifestyle, personality, and the occassion they are dressing for. Let the "rules people" judge, gossip, and whisper. Obviously they have nothing else better to do! Raven www.RavenBurnes.com

What should a grown woman never wear?

Things she does not like. Everything else is on the table for her. We are a land of individuals and free choice.

just say no to gum ladies

imo Gum chewing on grown women makes them look like a cow chewing her cud.As far as fashion,I guess I'd say no to grown women +40 wearing mini skirts or short shorts,or exposing a saggy looking chest.


Who is crazy enough to use real rabbit fur or anything else for that matter?! It's just cruel.
—Guest Teenager


I don't think that anyone has the right to tell anyone else what to wear. If you think that an older woman should not wear a certain thing, then when you become an older woman, don't wear it. My Mom is 69, and dresses very well and does not conform to what many of the people here think is appropriate. But then she's not asking for your opinions.

Please do not wear any animal fur!!!

I hope anyone of any age will not wear animal fur- rabbit or otherwise. The production of animal fur is extremely cruel, brutal and unnecessary. Faux fur is readily available.
—Guest Sue

What NOT to wear

I think people should dress in what makes them look good at any age. However, those people who go shopping in their pajamas and slippers need to take a second look at themselves. Also, the chubby gals that wear the hip hugger pants that were not made for chubby girls, clothes with a waist makes you look like you have one! Remember the time when having a small waist was the in thing?
—Guest Not too old to notice

to HomeSchoolMama

"Real Things" matter of choice of course! But it just seems that plastic fake things are much more fun when you're younger and look too decorative when older. I just try to keep it to a minimum now (not to draw the attention that it does when young people colorfully sparkle).

classy vs. comfort

I'm going on 54 and I love classy simple lines for some occasions and I have alway dresses in my own style which is now called Bohemian. I love seeing beautiful flowing skirts on all sized women it's very feminine and it speaks volumes about the woman. She obviously knows she is beautiful and comfortable in her skin. Classy such as shopping at Nordstroms for example is also a good a good investment their styles are classic and well made. you can't go wrong with either style. When I dress bohemian I attract younger men and it's a wonderful compliment to me. So dress however makes you feel your best. Put your best forward!
—Guest Ruthie

Real things only!

I find that aging requires wearing and accessorizing with the real thing; cotton, silk, wool, leather not plastics. Real, if not inexpensive stones, shells and bones again not plastics.
—Guest NotYukio

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