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Readers Respond: What Should a Grown Woman Never Wear?

Responses: 172


"Guest Anna" hit the nail on the head.

I really don't give a crap what people think...I love my skinny jeans (every day), combat boots, pierced nose, "bedhead", baby-pink hair, edgy manicures & rings, and bespectacled, makeup-free face (don't need it). Husband does, too. Hardly a day goes by that I am not complimented in public on the wild pink hair - particularly by *hot* men of all ages. I'm 45 years old, tyvm. So suck it, haters.
—Guest klumpii

It's All In How You Style It

It's sad when older women dress like the young ones. Sorry, you ain't 20 anymore. That doesn't mean you have to wear Battenberg lace collars or shop at Talbots. You can modify 20-something making it age appropriate. As we age (arg) 'less is better' works well; less tight (that doesn't mean you can't wear formfitting to show off your curves, just not to the second skin degree), less short (that hint of butt cheek is your past), less shiny (nobody should really wear gold lamé or one of those metal halter tops, but especially older women), less plunging (nothing wrong sporting a little cleavage, just keep it closer to 1" & not 3"), less neon (self explanatory), less cheap (youth do thrift store style, but older women need to stick to expensive vintage), less low rise (I love a good pair of low rise jeans; however, zippers 3" & not 1". Most of all have a little attitude & a lot of confidence, that's what really makes you look good, anyway.
—Guest Janette


At 57 and totally silver under the auburn dye, I have decided that within a few months my hair will be silver. It's a great color and a lot less work and money to leave it as it is intended by nature. I'm 57! I can look 57!!

But what TO wear?

We all know, deep down, what shouldn't be worn. If your daughter would wear it, don't. But that leaves the question of what we should wear? How can we look attractive, interesting, stylish without seeming tacky, unaware of ourselves and ridiculous?

Get Out of my FACE

I don't like Shoulds or Should Not. I have fabulous legs, always have, and at 64, I am blessed. I want as many Marilyn Monroe's Gym Shorts as I can get. OMG. I still look Good. Don't Hate and if you can't participate. SHOW your best feature and whatever AGE. Life is Short and oh so Good.

Be progressive and fun

Wear what makes you feel good and sexy and creative. Wear what makes you feel like you and wear what you feel like wearing. A fashion sense is "inborn," it's like art. We are "called" to a certain style, certain things feel right. To hell with the misogynist culture we live in that tries to tell us what to wear and when. How GOOD does it feel to other women to be liberated? How much do we love it when other women set us free by being free themselves? You're either alive or you're dead. Let's live now. Let's not oppress ourselves with rules that make us feel terrible, that make us feel dead while we're still alive.
—Guest Denise

Just an observation......

I recently attended a high school reunion and I was shocked by how old everyone appeared to be. I know, not nice, but then I discovered it was more about their frosted/shimmery lips, using too much self-tanner, having the same hairstyles as they had in high school and to top it all off, they seem to still shop in the juniors department. Nix the lip color, get an updated hair style, and shop in a woman's department and you'll find sexy, yet age appropriate clothing.
—Guest Kate E


I think these tutorials should be less "wrong and right". I hate tie-dye too but I don't think it looks ridiculous in someone else just bc they're grown ups. Tutorials are the opinion of the writer and not Universal laws. It would be better for the writer to incentivate the criativity in everybody even if it seems ridiculous to him. To me more ridiculous is to write this kind of text as if she were the allmighty of what people should wear or not.
—Guest Ana

On fur...

I agree with the last tip. About not wearing fur. But that's because I don't agree with killing an animal for fashion (I am vegan across the board, but the leather and fur industries are brutal and there ARE faux alternatives that look real, if it's that important to you!). But that has nothing to do with "age appropriate." I just think humans need to treat fellow creatures with greater respect. PERSONALLY, I don't care what someone wears. I don't even care if they dress childishly. Not really. Are they responsible enough in real life? Do they take ownership of their slip ups? If so, fine. I could care less if someone wears a cartoon t-shirt, or a cereal box watch. :) My personal fashion 'nots' (again, things I just don't love myself): are logos plastered on everything, wearing running shoes with normal pants or dressier outfits, mixing styles so obviously not suited to each other (a bright sunny t-shirt with ribbons and faux snake pants. Which I've seen. XD).
—Guest Kat

Sunday Best

The classics are timeless.you don't have to worry about whether or not it is age appropriate. You can mix them with trendy accessories for an updated look.
—Guest Lois

Stop telling others what to do.

I just love some of the responses where the posters basically say "mind your own business". I could not agree more. Who says that a "grown woman" should not wear this or that? If she can still rock it, more power to her! And it makes her feel pretty, young, loved, or brings back some lovely memories, then who are you to say she should not wear it, even if it is pigtails and overalls? If it offends you, turn away and keep walking. If you cannot do that without being judgmental, perhaps you should get a life then?
—Guest Harry


—Guest ljs

Sexy Grandma

Hey Gram, If you truly have it, you don't have to flaunt it. Dress for success is my motto.
—Guest Guest-Claire

Respect your body

I think individuals should be allowed to wear what suits them without someone holding the big cane. I don't follow fashion trend, because it can be limiting and it makes everyone look the same sometimes. Wear what you are comfortable in without exposing unnecessary pound of flesh. Accord your body some respect and you sure will be happy for it.
—Guest Bola

yes to dressing your best

i too say now that i am in the "old lady" seat, wear what you are comfortable in, as hippigirl says - i want to look as good as i can but i do not have a budget for clothing that makes it possible for me to buy expensive classic things. if i think it looks good, it's usually too expensive for me. but i try to match it.
—Guest wolvenwoman

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What Should a Grown Woman Never Wear?

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