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My Story About Wearing Skirts

Share Your Story: Men in Skirts

By John 432

What type of men's skirts I'd like to see

Skirt which have my preferance vary from kilts via kilt-like garments to straight skirts, either knee or ankle length. Colors I prefer: solid colors, like blue, maroon and black.

What type of challenges I've faced wearing skirts

Acceptance by peers, especially in a country which proclaims to be libaral, openminded etc. whilst in reality people are conservative and calvinistic. I have been ridiculed by various persons.

Why I wear like to wear skirts

The reason for wearing a skirt was in first instance curiosity, after having given it a try I noticed that the comfort was just great as when sitting trousers have 2 b pulled down regularly in order to free the family jewels with a skirt such is not required. The last year I have made various voyages by car, trips of approx. 800 miles on a day, and there is a world of difference in respect of comfort doing it in skirt in stead of trousers. Hence, comfort is the reason.

In addition, as my wife has contracted cancer and seemingly a skirt would decrease the chance of getting it also, thus any excuse is as good as another.

How I got started wearing skirts

In first instance it was my wfe who suggested it for bedroom fun. There was no real follow up, but the discussion did come up at times. Not knowing whether I would like it I gave it a try during her absence and first it was a bit of a thrill. After having donned a skirt a number of times I started experimenting with combinations, one being the combination of maroon coloured skirt with a brown checkered jackt and tie, marron coloured hold-ups and brown loafers. I wore this once while working (office at home) and noticed the comfort. In the mean time we discussed the possibility a number of times and my wife indicated that she would search for a kilt. Prior to that I tested the water by used a large bathing towel a number of times, which did not raise an eyebrow. One day my wife found out that I had gone further then the towel, a long story and after having talked it out she gave her consent. At that very moment she was extreemingly enthusiastic... A few months later she reversed her opinion and indicated that I would be deviant, homosexual, etc. and filed for divorce (she used to wear my socks and shirts; double standard?). Now a few years later we are still in proceedings, as she is trying to take all my assets. NB when my wife indicated that she would divorce me she was under treatment by the oncologist and psychiatrist, hence the question raises whether she was fully aware of what was going on and in which extent was she being manipulated by a girlfriend of hers who always had problems with our relationship. At that time my wife was spending more time on the welfare of that girlfriend than tending to the needs of the family.

Now that we are living seperate I can wear a skirt whenever I feel like it. When outside I was surpised that a kneelength skirt with tights was actually warmer than trousers only 30 minutes earlier.

My advise to all who have an office job or tend to drive often and long distances, like the truck/lorry drivers of a German brewery, do give a skirt a try.

Tips and Tricks

  • be sure your spouse backs you up.
  • Be sure that your partner is and will remain supportive.
  • Combine it with what is considered normal attire for men according to presentday norms.
  • Don't try to be a walking advertisement or resemble a transvestite, which is someone who wants to impersonate the other gender (so ladies wearing pants, jackets, flat shoes and maybe ties..)
  • Don't seek confrontation.
  • As I draw attention already even when wearing a suit and tie or even leasurewear as I'm rather tall, I tend to limit the skirt wearing to the home area and at times late at night when walking the dog.
  • Be Yourself.
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