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My Skirt Story

Share Your Story: Men in Skirts

By dcc2904

What type of men's skirts I'd like to see

I'd like to see more colors and designs, that can be worn with everyday dress shirts or polo shirts.

What type of challenges I've faced wearing skirts

Skirts that are too tight or made from an stretchy (lycra) material on the front side reveal a visually uncomfortable "uneven" pattern. Need skirts adapted for the male anatomy.

Why I wear like to wear skirts

It is very different from what everybody is used to, and because they are comfortable and stylish, I think that's the main reason for using them.

How I got started wearing skirts

It all started about 5 years ago when I went out shopping with my girlfriend (from that time). I suggested she buy a tight denim mini-skirt and she was outraged with the idea. She said, if I like them so much, then I should be the one buying the skirt. And.... that's what I did.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try to combine the colors and styles as best as possible. Just because they're skirts, doesn't mean you can get away with everything. Remember you will attract attention so every little detail will be looked upon.
  • Act natural, and if it's a short skirt, keep your legs closed-at-all-times.
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