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My Experience Being a Man in a Skirt

Share Your Story: Men in Skirts

By Herby

What type of men's skirts I'd like to see

I like almost all type of skirts. I don't like flowery skirts, also I don't like very light fabrics - it means on me.

What type of challenges I've faced wearing skirts

Very positive, men mostly say nothing, best comments always from women. Most skirts I have in my closet were bought by my wife.

I noticed that I got always perfect and information when I go shopping

Why I wear like to wear skirts

Comfort and health-issues. There is no other garment which give more comfort for male bodies.

But it was not always like that because in past I wasn't a guy who likes to wear what we commonly call women's garment. I learned, that skirts actually a typical men's clothing, women first time used to wear beginning in time of the French Revolution.

Since 5 years I wear skirts regularly, in public, during work and at home.

How I got started wearing skirts

My wife came up with that first and said it is a shame that you have to hide your beautiful legs always in a pair of trousers. They are looking like a model. First she ask me to wear one of her short skirts which I didn't. Then she ask me if I would wear a men's style kilted skirt and I agreed with this not knowing what does it mean to me.

After she bought it she ask me to try it on which I did. Then she mentioned that we would have guests for this evening and I should wear my skirt. Okay, I am not a coward but I felt strange. Some of her friends came ........ none of them had any critics, just a lot of compliments and helpful information - except one woman said that she wanted to have legs like mine. (I am just wondering that this issue is so important to most women).

Tips and Tricks

  • It might be right that pants are easier to combine with other clothes, but I learned that skirts much easier - when using the right color, fabric and style.
  • Talk with your employer that you want to wear skirts and ask him/her if there are restrictions in company-dressing code. For me it was easy because only to special events I have to wear tie, pants were nowhere mentioned. So the employer agreed, but for events I have to wear dark skirts and stockings/pantyhose required - like for females.
  • When sitting down keep your skirt down, also when driving.
  • Keep your legs together and feel confident all the time
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