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Men in Skirts

Share Your Story: Men in Skirts

By Dave

What type of men's skirts I'd like to see

All types labeled as unisex. Most agree that female garment sizes are highly inconsistent. I own approximate 200 skirts of various fabrics, buttons, pockets, zippers, pleats, lengths, etc.

What type of challenges I've faced wearing skirts

Few really. The issues have been from teenage girls who were wearing ripped jeans. Like I would never look like that in public.

Why I wear like to wear skirts

Comfort. So many different colors, patterns and varieties.

How I got started wearing skirts

On a dare from my daughter. It was a hot summer day. Too bad I was a man so I couldn't wear a miniskirt on a hot, humid summer afternoon. I did. Shaved the legs as she suggested. Later switched to an epilator. Started with a jeans miniskirt. Added a denim jumper with a denim shirt. Added variety from that point.

Tips and Tricks

  • The label is at the back of the garment regardless of where the zipper or buttons are located.
  • Use the size charts. Every retailer seems to have their own idea of what a size 15 may be. I own a size 12 skirt that is larger than a size 18 that I own. Be forewarned.
  • Don't wear a short pleated skirt on a windy day.
  • Don't get the hem of a long skirt caught in your car's door.
  • Check the mirror. The back of the skirt might not cover what you have planned for it to cover.
  • Check with your fingers around the hemline when you stand after being seated. Is your skirt in a bunch?

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