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Reader Stories: Men in Skirts


More than a year ago, we ran a poll about men who like to wear skirts. The response was overwhelming and led to a very long, intelligent and emotional discussion. So we created this feature for men who like to wear skirts, to share stories and photos.

Sarongs Are Comfy

It started years ago on a very hot day. Hiking with some friends, the girls had sarongs on. Ys men had shorts. And I was mentioning how cool they looked. They had come back from Sri Lanka were both s…More

Below-the-Knee Skirts

For many years I wore sarongs traveling and working in tropical countries and in Australia, where it is very hot in the North. When I got back to N.Z. I just kept wearing them even though there were …More

I Love Camo Skirts

I tried on one of my wife's mini skirts and I was hooked from there. I have my own skirts now that I bought online. I started by trying them on at my friends' house and getting their support, then we…More

Skirts Looks Better Than Shorts

While traveling in tropical countries in the late '60s I got into wearing sarongs, and also while working in Australia, where it is very hot in more northerly parts. So when I got back here I kept we…More

Skirts are Comfy!

I always wanted to since I was little but never entertained the idea until recently. It's an awesome feeling! I think its only fair that since women can wear whatever thay want and it's ok, then it …More

People Get Friendlier When I Wear Skirt

My wife. When she found out that pants could suport testicle or prostate cancer, she was worried about me and suggested to try a kilt. She bought me a Sport-Kilt, short after a second and number thre…More

My Experience Being a Man in a Skirt

My wife came up with that first and said it is a shame that you have to hide your beautiful legs always in a pair of trousers. They are looking like a model. First she ask me to wear one of her short…More

Getting Compliments in Skirts

See above, after an accident and major problems with my legs.I remember first day I wore a skirt. I thought all people would look at me, in reality only few did, and everybody liked it. Even in churc…More

Guys in Skirts

Had a rash on the inner thighs that wouldnt heal without air. Docter had me try skirts to help get air to the rash !!! It worked and I found I like the feel and the look of the skirts !!! Did try ski…More

My Skirt Story

It all started about 5 years ago when I went out shopping with my girlfriend (from that time). I suggested she buy a tight denim mini-skirt and she was outraged with the idea. She said, if I like the…More

Why I Wear a Skirt

My wife dared me to wear a short denim skirt for a day. That was weared at first, but as the day went on skirting got to be more fun. Now I wear skirts full time. 14 skirts and 3 pairs of blue jeans.…More

Kilts and Skirts

I wore a hired kilt over 5 years ago and got uplifting compliments when wearing it (a 50 yr old Scot who had never before worn a kilt - shocking!). Since then I have bought my own and wear it on spec…More

My Story About Wearing Skirts

In first instance it was my wfe who suggested it for bedroom fun. There was no real follow up, but the discussion did come up at times. Not knowing whether I would like it I gave it a try during her …More

Men in Skirts

On a dare from my daughter. It was a hot summer day. Too bad I was a man so I couldn't wear a miniskirt on a hot, humid summer afternoon. I did. Shaved the legs as she suggested. Later switched to an…More

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