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What to Wear with Bermuda Shorts


BCBG Bermuda Shorts

BCBG Bermuda Shorts

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If you haven't invested in a pair of ultra-versatile bermuda shorts yet, this is the season to do so! These knee-length pants, also known as city shorts, crops, knee-pants, will take you from the beach to the mall to work, and everywhere in between.


In the same way stilettos dress up jeans, trading in your flip flops for high heels adds a quick style upgrade to Bermuda shorts. For a night out, peep-toe pumps add a heavy dose of retro glamour. For daytime, opt for a more casual-not to mention comfortable-wedge or beachy espadrille.


Top your crops with a tailored blazer, and you'll take your shorts from loungewear to work attire faster than you can say "city shorts." For business dressy offices, choose a jacket in the exact same shade; if your work place has a relaxed dress code, go for a blazer in a fun coordinating pattern.


Board shorts are a surfer staple, but for those of us that lean more towards the "beach bum" side of things, Bermuda shorts are the best choice. In floral, plaid, and seersucker, they have a relaxed vibe that works well paired with your favorite tankini and sandals.


Play up the shorts' trendiness by pairing with a tunic or dress, then belting at the waist. While a nipped-waist shirtdress is low key enough to pull off for running errands, sun dresses should be reserved for evenings out.
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