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What to Wear for a Warm Weather Vacation?


Question: What to Wear for a Warm Weather Vacation?
Answer: 1. Stick to just a few colors so everything matches: maybe a palette of white, khaki and black or navy, khaki and red. 2. Buy knits or stretch cottons for comfort and fewer wrinkles. 3. A few good items:
  • Dresses, long or short knit ones in sleeveless or short sleeves.
  • Cardigans. You can wrap a lightweight sweater (I like silk or cotton) around your shoulders during the day and put it on when it gets chilly.
  • A sheer, beaded black shawl to wear over a simple tank dress for dressy dinners.
  • A pareo or sarong over a swimsuit as a coverup (but plenty of people wrap it up as a dress or skirt as well)
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