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Top 6 Career Looks on a Budget


Climb the corporate ladder in style with these classic workwear pieces that won't break the bank (or look dated in a year).

1. Pantsuit

A pantsuit is an office classic because you can change it up by wearing a simple white blouse underneath, dress it up by adding a satin cami for after-five events or add color, accessories or scarves to give the pantsuit a different look.
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2. Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is a classic for a very good reason: it's flattering, easy to wear (just one piece) and looks polished.
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3. Flippy Skirt

Try on a flippy skirt that hits below the knee for a very feminine, but professional office skirt. The slight flare of the skirt is much more flattering than traditional straight or pencil skirts.
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4. Menswear Pants

Pinstripe pants or plaid pants lend themselves perfectly to the office. Try a belted sweater, a vest and shirt or pretty blouse and jacket over a pair.
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5. Long-sleeve White Shirt

The long-sleeve shirt in classic colors like white, is a wardrobe necessity.
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6. Wool Coat

Get a sleek, timeless topper for a pulled-together look. Choose a neutral color for maximum wardrobe mileage.
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