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Fashion eggheads examine sociological issues.

What your style says about you
Sure, it sounds shallow, but folks will judge you by how you look. Find out what non-verbal clues your clothes are sending out about your inner self. Get the hang of the language of clothes then flip through the picture gallery and put your skills to work.

Chic Theory
Sociologist Joanne Finkelstein examines the meaning behind fashion as a social force, examining such modern influences as logos and celebrities, from Australian Humanities Review. (Don't miss reading the response essays)

Color Theory
Everything you've ever wanted to know about color (and much, much more) from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

High Decoration
A study of fashion as art, considering the works of Sonia Delaunay and Blaise Cendrars, from Journal X, University of Mississippi.

H.G. Wells: "Of Conversation and the Anatomy of Fashion
" A humorous, insightful and still modern look at fashion, where the author quotes his uncle as saying:" The Highly Fashionable and the Absolutely Vulgar are but two faces of the common coin of humanity, struck millions at a time."

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