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2012 Swimwear Trends to Watch


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2012 Swimwear Trends - Loose Tankini Tops
Tankini Top

This Luxe by Lisa Vogel tankini top works as well on the boardwalk as it does in the pool.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

One trend that emerged on the Mercedes Benz Swim 2012 runways was loose-fitting tankini tops. These tops veered away from traditional-looking swimwear, appearing to work well as a top for a day out with friends or shopping along the boardwalk. While this swimwear option may not appeal to the masses, the look is certainly cute and it bodes well for tall women who have a hard time fitting all their clothes into a suitcase for a beach vacation. The more you can make an item of clothing do double-duty, the better of you'll be.

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