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Top 5 Stores for Tall Women's Spring Dresses


The weather is starting to turn, so it's time to start choosing fabulous spring dresses. Although it's sometimes possible for a tall woman to wear average-sized dresses, it's nice to know that a number of stores offer dresses specifically designed for a tall woman's frame. These dresses offer a longer torso, higher arm holes and a longer skirt. Enjoy this spring's trendy florals, pastels and floaty fabrics, all designed to fit your frame.

If you don't find what you're looking for, check out other stores that cater to tall women's fashion.

1. Old Navy - Spring Dresses on a Budget

Old Navy's online "tall store" offers everything from shirt dresses to long maxi dresses and gauzy pastel florals. If you're just looking to add a dress or two to your reperoire this spring, you can do it at Old Navy for $35.00 or less.

2. Ann Taylor - Classy and Casual

Both Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft offer classy options for tall women's spring dresses. Most options hit at mid-thigh, hugging the body and emphasizing the waist. Ann Taylor's dresses include bold florals, fun patterns and classic, solid black options while Ann Taylor Loft offers more colorful, casual fare.

3. Tall Couture - Flirty and Fun

While I'm not a fan of every dress that Tall Couture offers, you have to assume that a store banking it's very name on tall women's fashion would have to have a few fun tricks up its sleeve. They offer more variety and color than most other stores, so you can choose anything from a short, colorful babydoll dress to a knee-length sexy animal print.

4. Long Elegant Legs - Long and Flowing

If you're someone who prefers knee-, tea- or full-length dresses, you need to check out Long Elegant Legs. They have beautiful, flowing options perfect for work, weddings and any other spring dress occasion.

5. Gap - Surprisingly Interesting

I'm not usually a fan of Gap's dresses. Generally, they strike me as boring, but this spring I was taken by surprise. While they don't have a huge selection, they do have a number of fun fits with draping fabric, drop waists and pleats. If you want to add a classic dress to your closet that still looks interesting, check out Gap's tall women's spring dress selection.

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