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Top 8 Fashion Staples Every Tall Woman Should Own


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Fashion Staple #2: The Perfect Pair of Jeans
Fashion Staple Jeans

Brooke Shields gets it right with the perfect pair of jeans.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

If you're like me, you own about 20 pairs of jeans. Half of them are too short, another few are too small, leaving you with only a pair or two to choose from when you're getting ready to go out.

Go ahead and let yourself invest in a pair or two of perfect jeans. Look for dark-wash jeans that skim the floor when you're wearing them with athletic shoes or short heels. You can expect them to shrink up slightly, so this extra length will ensure a perfect fit. Also, make sure you perform the squat test: squat down in the jeans to test whether the back waistband dips low, showing off a little too much in the back. You may need to purchase jeans with a mid-rise to prevent your panties from showing.

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