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Tall Fashion How Tos: Wearing Ankle Pants


Tall Fashion How Tos: Wearing Ankle Pants
wearing ankle pants

A variety of ankle pant styles.

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A lot of tall women shy away from wearing ankle pants because they've struggled for so many years to find pants long enough - why in the world would they now subject themselves to pants that are purposely too short? Well, the easy answer is that ankle pants are cute, easy to wear and a great addition to a casual summer work wardrobe. If you're new to the ankle pants trend, consider the following tips for wearing and pairing ankle pants with other clothing items.

Workplace Pairings

  • Pair straight-legged ankle pants with ballet flats, a neutral-colored blouse, a slouchy sweater and a wide belt cinched at the waist
  • Pair cigarette ankle pants with high-heeled wedges, an extra long tank top and a fitted blazer
  • Pair boyfriend-style ankle pants with caged sandals, a tucked-in blouse, a thin colorful belt and a light, colorful scarf

Casual Weekend Pairings

  • Match leather ankle pants with a loose, T-back tank top, a long chain and leather sandals
  • Pair slouchy, rolled ankle pants with a tight, graphic T-shirt, low-top athletic shoes and big earrings

Date Night Pairings

  • Pair ankle-length leggings with a V-neck tunic top, strappy flats and a thin metallic belt
  • Match cigarette ankle jeans with peep toe pumps, a solid knit top and long, bold chains

The key to putting together an outfit with ankle pants is to concentrate on the shoes. If you plan on wearing heels, a sleek look from head-to-foot will look best. Close-fitting pants, a snug top and fitted blazers all round out ankle pants worn with heels. On the other hand, flats and sandals work best with close-fitting ankle pants and loose or flowing tops cinched in at the waist. While there are exceptions to every rule, start with these tips before branching out into new territory. 

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