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Red Carpet Style for Tall Women


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Aisha Tyler - Red Carpet Style for Tall Women
Aisha Taylor

Aisha Taylor

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

If you want four words to quickly describe comedian Aisha Tyler, they should include: gorgeous, funny, fashionable and…tall. At 6’0”, Aisha’s style tends toward clean, classy and understated. A vision in the little black dress, Aisha has recognized that she doesn’t have to do much to stand out on the red carpet.

To get Aisha’s style, choose black, white or tan dresses that offer one unexpected twist. For instance, choose a knee length sheath dress with an unexpectedly low-cut v-neck, or opt for a long, form-fitting dress with a dangerously high slit up the thigh. Finish out the look with simple hair, makeup, accessories and a killer smile.

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