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Tall Women's Style: What We Wear Better

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It's time to take a moment of silence for our average-height friends. These unfortunate souls don't realize that they've been had. You see, New York and Milan design fashion for tall women's frames. Trends are born on the runway and modeled on tall women. Unfortunately, they are then relegated to the average-height throngs, destined to reach the streets as shadows of their former selves. Next time you see a short woman trying to pull off one of the following looks, be proud that you've been given the height that allows your clothes to be worn in the way they were meant to be worn-tall and proud.

Have you ever seen an average-height female pull off the "flats-and-a-knee-length-skirt" look without seeming awkwardly disproportionate? Or how about the "skinny-jeans-with-ballet-slippers" trend? Let's get real-short legs and flat shoes don't mix. Lucky for you, tall chicks don't have that problem. Your long legs don't need extra punctuation--they tell your story all on their own. To get the look right, pair knee-high flat boots with a mid-thigh length skirt, showing off just enough leg to look both sweet and sexy.

Tunics and Long Tank Tops
For years, any shirt I bought struggled to meet the top of my pants. It wasn't that I wanted to bare my tummy-stores simply didn't sell tops that fit my extra-long torso. The influx of long tank tops and tunics into the market was a God-send for tall women everywhere. Not only don't you have to worry about showing off your belly button ring when you lift your arms, but you can feel confident that this style looks better on you than on the average female. A tunic or a long tank on a short woman just looks like she's wearing something made for a giant. Lucky for you, you are kind of a giant, so this trend is perfect. Throw on a long tank with skinny jeans and heels for a look you can take from day-to-night.

Oversized Accessories
Have you ever seen a short woman wear an extra-wide belt that almost seemed to touch her arm pits? Not a good look. When a petite or average-height woman wears oversized accessories, the accessories dwarf her body. But when you, as a tall woman, strap on a wide-belt or don chunky jewelry, the effect is super-cute. Try wearing a shirt dress with a wide belt and cowboy boots for a fun, weekend outfit.

Athletic Wear
Even if you can't dribble a basketball or kick a soccer goal, height and athleticism are assumed to go hand-in-hand. This won't necessarily make you a better athlete, but it will ensure that you pull of the athletic look better than any of your short friends. And, lucky for you, as female athletes continue to receive mega-press and attention, athletic clothing keeps getting cuter and cuter. Throw on some flashy kicks with capri yoga pants and a long racerback tank to get the perfect weekend look. If you're feeling especially sporty, put your hair in a pony tail and pull it through a visor.

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