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Tall Women Fashion: How to Dress Sexy


Tall Women Dress Sexy

Dress sexy like tall woman Angie Harmon in a leg-baring mini-dress.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

When you're a tall woman, it doesn't take much to sex up an outfit. You've got those long legs, the long neck, the long expanse of back...all adding up to a lot of sexy skin. Learning how to dress sexy really becomes about balance - if you give a little bit here, you need to take a little bit back over there to counterbalance the sex-effect. Here are five tips for tall women who want to dress sexy:

  1. Only highlight one or two body parts. For instance, you could choose to highlight your neck and chest, or your long legs, or your back and arms...but don't highlight all of them at once. Choosing one or two body parts to really emphasize will focus people's attention and will also help you pick out the right outfit.
  2. Choose the right shoes. So here's the deal - I don't care how comfortable Uggs are, when you pair them with a mini skirt the result just isn't sexy. For a night out, avoid wearing clunky or heavy shoes. A strappy sandal, a metallic studded heel or a lightweight ankle boot will all complete an outfit without weighing you down. 
  3. Less is more. You don't need to buy an over-the-top, red, shiny, sequined, low-v-neck mini-dress to look like a million bucks. You'd look much sexier in skinny black pants, a shirred metallic one-shouldered top with your hair pulled back in a loose ponytail. Remember: your height alone is sexy. You don't have to give away the goods to let people know how attractive you are.
  4. Long hair? Use it as an accessory. You can use your hair to emphasize the areas of your body that you want to highlight. For instance, if you're wearing a minidress, wear your hair down in long waves. This will draw attention down your body and keep the focus on your legs. Likewise, if you're showing off your back, shoulders or neck, pull your hair back in a loose ponytail or a bun to show off more skin.
  5. Small and tight don't always = sexy. Choose only one skin-baring or tight item when getting ready. For instance, you could wear a sheath minidress with strappy heels or tights with a back-baring tunic top, but wearing a skin-tight minidress or a head-to-toe spandex outfit could make you look more like a high-dollar hooker than a woman worth working for. 

Regardless of what you put on your body, it will be your confidence and your smile that truly set you apart from other women. After getting dressed for a night out, give yourself a pep talk and remind yourself what a sexy mama you are, both inside and out.

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