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Tall Women Body Types: Dressing the Athletic Figure


Tall Women's Athletic Figure

This Tadashi Shoji look creates an hourglass look on a tall women's athletic figure.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

If you're a tall woman with an athletic figure, you have a long, lean frame without many curves. Your height only serves to accentuate your straight figure, so when you dress yourself, you need to dress to create curves.The trick is to create the hourglass look by adding a little extra "bulk" to your shoulders and hips, while cinching your look in at the waist.

  1. Choose tops with shoulder-emphasis. This doesn't mean you need to purchase tops with shoulder-pads, but you do need to look for tops that emphasize the widest part of your shoulders. For instance, you can purchase off-the-shoulder sleeves, sleeveless shirts that cut off just short of being a cap-sleeve and tops that have ruffles, pleats, buttons or other eye-catching details on the shoulders. This is the first step in giving your upper body a "V" shape appearance.
  2. Choose high-waist pants and skirts. By choosing high-waist pants and skirts, you'll immediately create dimension between your upper and lower body, emphasizing your natural waistline.
  3. Further emphasize your waist. You want to draw attention to your natural waistline by drawing the eye inward. You can do this by wearing a belt or a sash, but make sure you tie it in the center of your body, rather than off-setting it to one side or another. By emphasizing your center, you'll help create your upper body's "V" shape.
  4. Choose skirts and dresses with bulk. A-line, bubble, pleated and ruffled skirts all give extra "oomph" to a lower half. This look is especially prominent if the skirts are shorter, falling between the mid-thigh and knee. The extra bulk will finish adding the inverted "V" shape to your hourglass look.
  5. Pick pants with prominent pockets. Pants that have pockets directly on the hips, or pockets with embellishments on the butt will help emphasize these areas. Tall women with an athletic figure can also opt for cargo pants with pockets along the outside of the thigh, again, adding bulk to these areas.
  6. Wear wide-legged or flared pants. This may seem counter-intuitive, but if you're cinching in your waist and highlighting your shoulders, wide-legged or flared pants will help balance out your lower half with a wider look.
  7. Avoid short, straight jackets and tops. Short, straight jackets and tops will actually make your torso look boxier and more boyish.
  8. Choose hip or thigh length jackets with ruffles or flare at the bottom. Even if you're wearing your jacket over pants, the added volume at the bottom of the jacket will give you a hourglass look. This is particularly true if you cinch in your jacket at the waist.
  9. Invest in good bras. Tall women with athletic figures need to emphasize or create curves whenever possible. Get fitted at a lingerie store and purchase a bra that will lift and support your breasts, giving you nice curves, whether or not they're really yours.
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