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Tyra Banks Obsession with Jumpsuits


Tyra Banks Obsession with Jumpsuits
Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks wears full-length jumpsuits to two August 2011 events.

Getty Images Left to Right: Christopher Polk, Jason Merritt

Tyra Banks, the queen of model-turned-TV personality fashion, has decided to single-handedly try to keep jumpsuits in style. It's a move I don't understand at all. She has shown up to multiple events wearing these ghastly numbers, and while it's clear she's got a fit, voluptuous body, I just don't see how jumpsuits are a better choice than, well...anything else.

The thing is, Tyra Banks can almost make a jumpsuit look good. She's got a killer body and she can also afford to have clothing custom made to fit. It's almost unfair for her to be rocking this style, because she just may tempt people over to the dark side. I'm here to tell you - do it at your own risk. There are numerous practical and style problems with jumpsuits that you'd be loathe to ignore:

  1. Going to the bathroom while wearing a jumper can't be easy - you have to zip and unzip every time you make your way to the ladies' room.
  2. Good luck finding a jumpsuit that fits your tall frame. While there are options out there, they're few and far between. Plus, every tall woman has different proportions - some have longer legs, others have longer torsos. Even if the inseam fits correctly, does the torso? Will it pull funny? How about the hip, butt and waist measurements - if you have a very lean waist and wider thighs, will the jumpsuit fit both spots right?
  3. There's almost no way to make a jumpsuit flatter your butt. Unlike pants or jeans, the jumpsuit's leg fabric is attached to the torso, so it's likely to pull flat across your lower half without adding curves. Most jumpsuits either have a very baggy butt or they give the butt a "mom jeans" look - with a wide and flat appearance. 
  4. Tight jumpsuits tend to pull funny across the crotch. Even well-tailored jumpsuits pull across the hips and thighs, creating puckering around the crotch. You can avoid this by wearing jumpsuits with a looser bottom, but that can present other problems.
  5. Full-length loose jumpsuits tend to create a "curtain" effect on tall women. It's tough for tall women to wear loose jumpsuits because there's so much fabric that it ends up looking like you made your clothes out of your dining room drapes, a la The Sound of Music. 
  6. Jumpsuits have never really mainstreamed. You're likely to get weird looks if you show up to the office in a jumpsuit. That doesn't mean you can't do it, but it is something you should be aware of.

If you love the way Tyra Banks looks in her jumpsuits and you're dying to try the look, think about purchasing a casual jumper for the beach or a day at the park. You can pick up short, loose jumpers that enable you to show off your legs with minimal weirdness around your hips, butt and crotch. You also don't have to worry as much about the fit because the inseam is almost a non-issue.

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