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Style Basics


Learn how to dress for your body type, how to wear the latest trends and more with style basics.
  1. Fashion 101
  2. Dress For Your Body Type
  3. Fashion Glossaries
  4. How-Tos

Fashion 101

diane von furstenberg

Find out exactly what fashion is, where trends come from and how to incorporate them into your look. Also, learn the ins and outs of dressing for work and how to dress appropriately for any occasion.

Dress For Your Body Type

No matter your age or budget, you'll probably come across a challenge or two trying to dress for your specific body type. We'll show you how.

Fashion Glossaries

Find photos and definitions for fashion terms, dress silhouettes, fabrics and more.


Take the guesswork out of personal style, shopping, dressing for flattery and more with our easy-to-understand fashion how-tos.

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