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Top 10 Simple Style Rules


Intimidated by fashion? Don't be! We'll help you navigate fashion with a few easy-to-remember style rules.

1. Update in Small Doses

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Not sure wide jeans are for you? Try jeans with a bit of flare instead. Head-to-trendy looks ridiculous.

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2. If You Think You're Too Old, You Probably Are

When your gut feeling tells you that a trend is too young for you (and you're not Madonna, Cher or Demi), you'll never really feel comfortable in it.

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3. Dress Out of Your Age Group

Go with how fashion makes you feel about yourself. If you feel great in a mini and you're 55, then go for it. If you prefer pantsuits and you're 22, then wear 'em.

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4. Black Clothes Always Look More:

  • Expensive
  • Flattering
  • Sophisticated

Little Black Dresses

5. Don't Buy Junk to Save Money

Cheapo, just-to-be-buying-something items are almost always a bad investment (unless you're 18 with a great body). Remix existing clothes, alter your hair, makeup and accessories or borrow something from your best friend's closet until the financial situation brightens.

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6. Trends Have a Short Shelf Life

Fashion fads are a blip on the fashion timeline. One season everyone is sporting black leggings under minidresses, the next they are wearing pants. There's nothing wrong with dabbling in 'It' bags or must-haves, but remember that they'll only be hot for a short time.

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7. Leave Your Look for a While

Ultra-conservative? Explore new looks -- maybe a lacy shirt with peeks of skin -- or prints (try leopard for a bit of wildness). Downtown diva? Try a girly knee-length skirt. Play, have fun, remember that style should work for you, not the other way around. You'll probably go back to your look after experimenting, but with a new approach.

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8. Don't Sacrifice Professional Image for Fashion

Strappy, see-through, extra-tight or downright sleazy styles won't ever do your career any favors, regardless of your career path. Many fashion spreads will trumpet high slits, plunging necklines, sheer and a plethora of inappropriate looks in the name of "femininity." But sexy doesn't cut it for 9 to 5. Ever.

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9. You Are About Much More Than Just Fashion

Put much more thought into your reading repertoire, spiritual nourishment and personal relationships than your wardrobe. An inner peace and glow will never go out of style. Even designer Kenneth Cole says "To be aware is more important than what you wear."

10. You're the Boss!

If you love it, look great in it and can afford it, buy it. Yes, it's really that simple!
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