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What to Wear...

Fashion for Every Occasion


Bride and bridesmaid in garden
Zac Macaulay/Cultura/Getty Images

What to Wear to a Wedding

Decipher dress codes (formal, daytime, etc.) with this easy primer for him and her.

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Get ready for summer weddings with this handy guide.

What to Wear to a Class Reunion

Don't stress about getting dressed for class reunions! Find out the benefits of advance planning, choosing the perfect outfit and updating your look.

What to Wear Over 40

Women over 40 can be just as sexy and vital looking as their younger counterparts. Find out what style expert Kim Johnson Gross has to say that keep your shoes, hair, clothes and makeup looking fresh and pretty.

What to Wear Over 50

Learn to easily adapt any look for your lifestyle. Tips, fashions and more.

What to Wear When You're Broke

Tired of missing out on new clothes just because your bank account is empty? Try these innovative ways to stretch your wardrobe dollar.

What to Wear to Work

Getting dressed for the office doesn't mean leaving your personal style behind. Find out which looks give you a polished, professional look and which fashions can be a career killer.

What to Wear on a First Date

No need to fret about making a great first date impression! Here's how to look your best without sacrificing too much on personal style or comfort. What to Wear When Losing Weight Top picks for filling the gaps in your wardrobe while you're whittling your waist.

What to Wear to Stay Updated

Simple ways to keep your look current.

What to Wear When You're Exhausted

Tired and run down but still need to look great? Then try these quick fashion tips to give your hair, wardrobe and makeup the oomph it needs to make you at least look refreshed.

What to Wear with Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda, or knee-length shorts, or great for summer. But do you know how to wear these trendy shorts? Find out now.

What to Wear to Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Getting to Disney World is easy. Figuring out what to wear and look comfortable and stylish while there is the hard part. Find out what to wear to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
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