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Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

What to Wear When You're a Wedding Guest


The first thing you'll wonder when you've been invited to a wedding is not what gift to give the bride and groom. It's what you're going to wear to the wedding as a guest. Here's an easy guide to dresses to wear to a wedding to make the special occasion easy for you to navigate.

1. Decide What to Wear to a Wedding (Not White!)

Winona Ryder
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Before you start shopping for a dress, you'll need to figure out the formality of the wedding. Find the proper dress length and type for the wedding depending on the time of day and other information.

2. Summer Special Occasion Dresses

JS Collection
Get ready for a summer wedding by choosing a warm weather appropriate style.

3. Little Black Dresses Work for Many Weddings

Little Black Dress

For most weddings, a little black dress works just fine. Find a LBD that fits your body type perfectly.

4. Floral Dresses Perfect for Spring/Summer Weddings

Pink Floral Dress

Dresses with blooms are perenially popular for wedding guests of spring and summer weddings. Here are our favorites.

5. Pastel Dresses Create Soft Look for Daytime Weddings

Purple Pastel Dress

Pretty pastel dresses add a soft, romantic touch to your wedding guest look. Find the perfect pastel hue.

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