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Tummy-Slimming Camisoles

Shapewear Makes You Look Skinnier


My favorite way to look like I've lost a few pounds without hitting the gym? Shapewear, especially tummy-slimming camis that give you a sleek look (especially under knits where lumps and bumps really show.)

Barely There Camisole

I like the Barely There camisole -- I chose the side-shaping version but there are others available -- because it felt firming without being restrictive. It gives me a smoother line under knits and is short enough to wear under T-shirts. Best of all, the price is right: most versions are less than $20.
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Spanx Cami

My best friend swears by her Spanx camis, saying it makes all the difference in how her clothes look. The big bonus with this brand is the range of styles (from adjustable straps to cross-front tanks) and range of sizes (include plus sizes.) The prices are moderate, most at less than $50.
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Cami with Built-In Underwire

I really like the way the built-in bra cami shapewear works: it's one smooth piece to wear under your clingiest pieces. These styles tend to be pricier since they are two pieces in one, but it really gives you a sleek look.
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Yummie Tummi Camis as Layering Pieces

The advantage to Yummie Tummi's shapewear is that the cotton tanks have a tummy-smoothing inset, but otherwise look just like a regular cotton cami. That means you can wear these under a jacket, cardigan or shirt just like you would a regular tank top, but get the benefits of tummy-smoothing shapewear.
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