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Top 5 Leggings


Layering leggings (a.k.a footless tights) under tunics and dresses is now a wardrobe staple. Find the best leggings in all price and size ranges.

1. Basic Cotton Leggings

Hue Cotton Leggings
Hue's basic cotton legging in neutral colors offers a stretch cotton fit and a friendly price tag.
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2. Denim Legging

Denim Legging
Get a sleek jean look with a pair of denim leggings.
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3. Spanx Leggings

Spanx Legging
Control and style built together. These Spanx leggings give you that famous sleekness to pull off under clingy minidresses and tunics.
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4. Sweater Leggings

Sweater Leggings
This essential tight gives you a cozy layer under winter's best looks.
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5. Lace Leggings

lace leggings

Add feminine appeal with lace leggings. They add texture and a touch of sexiness to everything you wear them with.

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