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Top 5 Best Fashion Trends of 2005


The best fashion trends of 2005? Better bottoms, over-40 fashion icons and cheap chic top the list of the best fashion trends of 2005.

1. Better Bottoms

It wasn't too many seasons ago that the only bottom you could choose from and look hip was a pair of premium jeans. Denim still looks great, but in 2005 the list of hot bottoms expanded to include gauchos, bermuda shorts, poof skirts and full, knee-length skirts. Don't look for the variety to go away any time soon. We consumers are loving all of the choices, so the next few seasons we'll see lots of great bottoms.

2. Over-40 Fashion Icons

"Desperate Housewives" showcases the lives, loves and looks of over-40 actresses in that believable, but better-than-real-life way that "Sex and the City" portrayed single Manhattan 30-somethings. We identify with the characters enough to understand them, but they are just fabulous enough for us to envy (Marcia Cross' immaculate preppy style and sinfully smooth forehead; Teri Hatcher's teensy figure). Poof! Fashion icons are born.

3. Isaac's Cheap Chic

Can we say enough great things about Isaac Mizrahi for Target? He's turning out some unbelievable buys, from oversized sunglasses to fabulous moccasins (I even caught one heiress wearing some of those under $30 leather styles that look great). H&M got lots of buzz with guest designer Stella McCartney's styles and Wal-Mart's Metro 7 line even appeared in Vogue. But it's Isaac's $32 cashmere sweaters and lack of pretense that keep us coming back to Target.

4. Black is the New Black

Women understand black clothing. We know it looks more expensive and slimming than any other color. We know it's easy: wear it to work, out on the town, mixed with jeans or to a special occasion. Then designers went and pulled the rug out from under us by putting forth a plethora of other "must-have" hues, from turquoise to white. But now black is back (not that most of us ever stopped wearing it, it's just that now it's "in" again).

5. Embellished Everything

Sequins, embroidery and studs showed up on everything from shoes to handbags to shrugs. Women adorned themselves with layers of funky ethnic jewelry and even cell phones sported little charms. A little boho, a little rock and roll, embellishment has been a fun way to be a girly grown-up.
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