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Spring 2013 Fashion

Find Out About Spring's Best Trends


Spring 2013 ranges from flat-out sexy trends (cutouts and sheer) to simply sweet (lace.) See which trends work for you this year.

1. Spring's Sexiest Trends

Pascal le Segretain/Getty Images
Ready to show a little skin this year? This spring new body areas like midriffs are being exposed to heat up fashion. Slits, short skirts, cutouts and sheer inserts are other ways that designers played peekaboo with women's clothing.

But you don't have to go bare to be sexy this year. Designers also loved other sexy elements like the peplum (to create an hourglass figure) and studs (to add sexy toughness to a look.)

Even colors like nude add to the sexy allure of the season.

2. Florals

Vittorio Zunino/Getty Images
Flower power is in full swing for Spring 2013. Designers went crazy with flower prints, putting them in unexpected places like pants.

Designers also did florals in surprising color combos like graphic black and white.

Want more oomph to your florals? Try the brightly colored florals or mixing together two different flower prints.

And if floral prints aren't enough, look for flower embellishments which bring the pretty accent to life.

3. How to Wear White for Spring

Frazier Harrison/Getty Images
An all-white palette is surprisingly versatile, and this season designers proved it by whipping up white in everything from ruffles to tailored pieces.

To keep the tonal palette from being boring, designers also mixed up fabric textures in layers and added sexy elements like adding sheer inserts to all-white looks.

And the replacement for the little black dress? The little white dress, of course, which looks really right for spring.

4. Black and White

Joe Kohen/Getty Images
Graphic black and white is a striking classic look, but this spring designers went over-the-top with graphics.

Marc Jacobs showed super bold black and white stripes, while other designers opted instead for black and white colorblocking.

Everything from ditsy print black and white florals all the way to stripes were another trend.

And at both ends of the design scale -- from clean-lined minimal looks to frilly embellished looks -- the black and white color story worked equally well.

5. Lace

Lace dresses for spring are definitely one of the more feminine trends.

From traditional neutrals like black or white, to brightly colored lace, lace is a big look (especially in dresses.)

Some of the lace dresses combine several trends -- like adding peplums -- along with the lace fabric.

And it's not just lace for after five: day dresses and blouses are both being worn as dressy casual looks in lace.

6. How to Wear Print Pants

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
Print pants are everywhere this season, but they are not the easiest trend to carry off.

While looks like animal prints are a classic, florals are also a good look this spring in print pants.

Learn how to carry them off: bottom-heavy women will have the most difficult time with this look.

The most important thing to remember is to choose a cut that is flattering to your figure. Another point is to avoid widely spaced prints (too much background will just make you look bigger.)

7. How to Wear Brights

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
While black and white and all-white are big trends, there is still plenty of bright color in the market to choose from.

Look for bright accents -- like clutches, accessories and shoes -- to mix back with neutrals.

Or wear your brights with other trendy looks like florals: the choice is yours.

Feeling especially adventurous? Try mixing brights with other brights for a bold colorblocked look.

Another bold look is to go monochromatic with your brights by wearing all one color head to toe (not a look for the fashion fearful.)

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