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Latest Trends

Cast Your Vote on 2011 Fashion Trends


Are things like socks, nerd glasses, pixie cuts, turbans and other latest fashion trends going to be a hit or bust? Cast your vote on the following looks.

10 Trends You'll Love

Michael Kors' Spring Prints
Frazer Harrison

Find your perfect warm-weather style, from prints to minimalism this season.


Getty Images

These quirky little hats have become all the rage thanks to the Royal Wedding. Would you wear one?

Hair Feathers

Hair Feathers
Getty Images

Get your boho groove on with hair feathers this season.

Maxi Dresses

Leslie Mann in maxi.
John Scuilli/Getty Images

Learn how to wear summer's hottest dress: the maxi dress.

Mixed Prints

Frederick M Brown/Getty Images

Mixed prints are big trend. But would you wear them?

Leather Dresses

Lindsay Lohan leather dress
Toby Canham/Getty Images

From Lindsay Lohan to Dana Delaney, celebs are rocking leather dresses this season. Would you wear one?

Suitcase Chic

Paloma Faith
Ian Gavin/Getty Images

Fashion "It" gals are toting luggage as handbags. Would you try this?


Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Socks are showing up with everything from oxfords to stilettos. But would you wear them?

Winter Shorts

A winter shorts look.
Astrid Stawriaz/Getty Images

Some girls are stretching their summer wardrobe by pairing shorts with tights for cool temps. Does it work?

Black Tights with Lighter Shoes

Kris Jenner
Paul Warner/Getty Images

Some celebrities -- both young and old -- are funkifying leg and footwear by mixing dark tights with lighter shoes. Love or hate?

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