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10 Fall Fashion Classics You Need to Own


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Turtleneck Sweater
10 Fall Fashion Classics You Need to Own

Oscar de la Renta turtleneck

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Neckline trends come and go -- cowl necks, plunging Vs, henleys -- but a turtleneck sweater has earned its place as a classic. Here's why:

  • The turtleneck brings your face into focus.
  • A mock turtleneck is a good option if you don't like the bulk of a true turtleneck (it's the same height, only the fabric doesn't fold back over).
  • Stick with cozy, touchable materials for your turtleneck sweater because anything itchy or scratchy is unbearable on your sensitive neck area.
  • The black turtleneck is the ultimate classic because it creates a blank palette to show off wonderful necklaces, cuff bracelets or just a pretty face.
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