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How to Wear Patterned Tights


Cynthia's Patterned Tights Look

Cynthia's Patterned Tights Look

Cynthia Nellis
One of the easiest ways to add some texture and interest to a basic black dress is to add patterned tights. Most of the best looks feature an open-work pattern that lets your skin peek through to show texture (they work much like fishnets but in different patterns.) Here's how to make them work:
  • Choose smaller repeating patterns for the most subtle look. In my photo, right, I chose a vertical open-work stripe from Spanx (Buy Direct) to elongate my legs.
  • Pair patterned tights with simple dresses or tunics: a basic black knee-length dress in jersey, sweater knit or crepe works beautifully with patterned tights.
  • Almost any shoe works great with patterned tights, even open-toed shoes.
  • Tone-on-tone looks (black tights with a black dress) are the easiest and most flattering way to wear this look.

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