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What to Wear Now: Oversized Sweater Cardigans


What to Wear Now: Oversized Sweater Cardigans

Old Navy Oversized Cardigan

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Push that wimpy little lightweight sweater to the back of the closet this season. The newest sweater silhouette is an oversized sweater cardigan. Hitting anywhere from below the hip to knee-length, the chunky oversized sweater is the perfect cozy option for milder days; it is also perfect for indoor offices that are too chilly to go sweaterless.

Wear your oversized cardigan sweater with slimmer bottoms: skinny jeans or leggings tucked into tall boots are ideal. Because it's such a bold shape, you can easily carry off stronger pieces of jewelry with it like statement necklaces, layers of necklaces and big cuff bracelets. One way to look taller and slimmer is to wear a top (layering tee, long-sleeve tee or other top) in a matching color as the oversized cardigan.

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