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Warm Hues, Natural Accents and Vibrant Prints


Fashion takes an exotic turn with an explosion of tribal looks.

Spot It: The tribal trend consists of strong, graphic prints (black and white graphics mixed with darker prints is a recognizable element) combined with warm, earthy tones (black, browns, deep reds and oranges) and natural accents (straw, wood). Safari looks usually have a khaki jacket, belted with front pockets.

Wear It: Because the prints are often oversized and strong, they work best on simple shapes (shift dress, tunic) or in soft, draped fabrics (cotton gauze). Natural accents -- a wood armful of bangles or a beaded cuff -- or matte (not shiny) metallics set off the look perfectly.

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Graphic Tribal PrintGraphic Tribal PrintJennifer Garner in Oscar de la Renta TribalJennifer Garner in Tribal PrintLauren Conrad in Tribal Print DressLauren Conrad in Tribal Trenddiane von furstenberg dressOne-shoulder Tribal Dress
tribal tote oscar de la rentaOscar de la Renta Tribal Totesafari jacket michael korsSafari Jacketsafari lookSafari LookStrapless Tribal Print Dress
Tribal BanglesTribal BanglesTribal CollarTribal Collartribal metallic shift naeem khanTribal Metallic ShiftTribal Print ShiftTribal Print Shift
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