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How to Tuck Jeans in Boots?


Tucked-in jeans

Jeans tucked into boots on the BCBG runway.

Cynthia Nellis
Question: How to Tuck Jeans in Boots?

The sleek look of jeans and pants tucked into tall boots is one of the season's trendiest. But how do you keep pants from bunching up? Here are a few tips:

  1. Start with straight-leg pants; you will have less fabric to tuck in.
  2. Wear knee socks and tuck your jeans into them before slipping on the boots. You can also roll up the bottom of the jeans before tucking into socks for better traction.
  3. Former Marc Bouwer designer Cindy Slater's latest venture, Thirteen Denim, solves the problem by selling jeans with the socks attached.
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