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Summer Style 2013

Beat the Heat, Stay on Trend, How to Wear It


Some women tend to slack off a bit in the summer with their style: it's hot, they're on vacation, things are more relaxed, etc. But that doesn't need you need to completely give up on looking your best!

Here's how to dress to beat the heat, stay on top of key trends and wear summer's essentials to their best:

  • Sexy Trends - Show your sizzling side this summer with on-trend looks that are definitely sexy. Designers sent slits, studs, sheer inserts and lots of cutouts down the runway. What this means for you is that you can show your sexier side with necessarily baring it all. Think about summer sexy as being more of a peekaboo-type trend.
  • Florals - Summer florals range from hothouse types in brights to sweet ditsy prints. You can opt for floral maxis or just choose one standout piece like floral pants or a skirt. Anyway you wear it, florals look great this season.
  • White - White always looks amazing for summer, but for 2013 it's huge fashion news. And the great thing is that there's white for everyone -- from tailored pieces that go to the office to bohemian looks that are weekend ready.
  • Black and White - Black and white packs a ton of graphic punch and looks terrific this season. Try colorblocked looks or amp it up with oversized stripes. Either way, it's a timeless look that you can use year after year.
  • Stripes - Stripes are also a classic look but are trendy at the same time. While striped tops are a basic, this year look for stripes on everything, from bags to shoes as a perfect accent.
  • How to Wear Brights - No need to stay neutral all summer. Turn up the volume with pops of citrusy or bold brights to show off your summer glow. Whether you want to try an eye-popping bright dress or just use brights as an accent, here's how.
  • Find the Right Swimsuit - Despite your body issues, there's a great swimsuit that will work perfectly for you. A swimsuit pro gives her tips on which styles will work best for your body, whether it's to balance out a bottom-heavy figure or dress an all-over larger shape.
  • 10 Ways to Wear Shorts Now - From classic Daisy Dukes to chic formal-looking black shorts, here are the best ways to wear shorts for summer and look fresh and updated (hint: it's not all about shorts and sneakers this year!)
  • How to Wear a Maxi - A maxi is the ultimate summer dress: you can use it as a coverup for the pool or dress it up for a date night. Any way you use it, there are certain tips that you can use to look your very best.
  • Style Strategies to Beat the Heat - Use these easy tips to dress so that you'll feel cooler even when it's sweltering outside. Try the right colors and fabrics to make sure you won't get overheated.
  • Summer Styles You Didn't Know You Could Still Wear - If you're over 40 (or just uncomfortable baring your body) you may have skipping essential summer looks like shorts or 2-piece swimsuits. Here's an idea of how to still wear these looks and make them work for you.
  • What to Wear to a Summer Wedding - Attending a summer wedding may strike fear into the hearts of some guests, but with this handy guide you can get dressed (even in the heat) and look party perfect.
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