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Day in the Life of a Fashion Professional

Fashion Designer


Think the fashion biz is pure glamour? Get a firsthand look at different fashion professionals, including a fashion designer to find out what working in the industry is really like.

A Typical Day

  • Analyzing business diary for current day, if I have not to be out, I set my mind on planned work: graphics, fashions, cup of coffee, survey of yesterday results.
  • Computer work: E-mail reading and answering, Internet surfing, scanning images.
  • Cooperation with webmaster, discussions on website development.
  • Meeting my customers, contractors, specialists.
  • Searching new ideas by drawing sketches - both on arbitrary and defined topics.
  • Wear fitting, fashions manufacturing.
  • Looking through the fashion-related magazines.
  • Telephone talks.
  • Studying local market.

The Best Part of the Job

  • Drawing
  • Fashion show development: choosing music, scenario, etc.
  • Photographing.
  • Designs' exposure.

The Most Difficult Part of the Job

Putting my workplace in order.

Work and Educational Background

Profound graphic art background, sewer and tailor skills, photo mastering.

More Thoughts

Sometimes having to satisfy a customer greatly discourages me, because I can not embody my concepts, ideas, designs in a manner I would like. I suppose it stems designers' creativity flight. My personal conclusion: the more sophisticated fashion-related technologies are employed, the more valuable is the manual work.

Contact: Fashion designer Gala Moseevsky: Email GalaStudio - fascinating world of fashion images

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